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Continued High Demand for an O’Dowd Education

O’Dowd received more than 800 applications during the 2018-19 admissions cycle and has enrolled just over 300 students in the Class of 2022.

The continued high demand for an O’Dowd education is reflective of our reputation as one of Northern California’s premier Catholic college preparatory schools.

Class of 2022 Fast Facts

  1. Overall, the Class of 2022 demographics mirrors previous years’ classes. Legacy families continue to show strong interest in O’Dowd.

  2. Variances in the class profile from prior years include an increased percentage of Catholic students, and the highest level of Honors students (1/3 of the class) and Presidential Scholar (30 compared to 25 last year) acceptances in O’Dowd history.

  3. The incoming students hail from 107 different feeder school, and a broadening geographic region that includes the Dublin/Pleasanton and Newark/Fremont areas.

  4. Again there has been an uptick in the number of families requesting financial aid. O’Dowd was able to continue to offer 1/3 of the families some degree of financial aid, however, the expressed need continues to be greater than the school’s capacity.

Admissions Outreach Highlights

  1. O’Dowd’s Admissions outreach and support includes consistent communications efforts to ensure a high level of awareness amongst prospective families throughout the greater Bay Area, as well as a comprehensive and highly personalized Admissions engagement process.

  2. This process includes a college-level student ambassador program in which current O’Dowd students lead prospective families on campus tours and share their experiences at informational panels and special Admissions events throughout the year.

  3. FOR FAMILIES WITH PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: If you are interested in exploring O’Dowd in the fall of 2018 for your Class of 2023 freshman we invite you to visit for detailed information about O’Dowd. Information specific to the Admissions process and exploration opportunities is available and continually updated under the Admissions tab.

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