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BSU Hosts Second Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

With an assortment of Martin Luther King Jr. images and quotations serving as a backdrop, members of O’Dowd’s Black Student Union (BSU) performed song, dance, spoken word, and poetry reading during the school’s second annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration honoring the life and legacy of the Civil Rights leader.

Held in the Theater during MP on January 16, the celebration got underway with Francesca Hoffman ’18 performing the Negro National Anthem.

Other participants included Teralynn Nelson ‘21, Taylor Nelson ’19, Cameron January ’21, Brooke Johnson ’19, Liana Willis ’19 and Nakya Loggins ’18. Each shared, in their own personal way, what Dr. King’s legacy means to them. Assistant Director of Student Activities Marguerite and social studies teacher Tony Green supported the students in the effort.

January said he was encouraged by Marguerite Green to get involved and was glad that he then embraced the opportunity. “Martin Luther King did so much for us, why not do one thing for him,” he said, explaining why he sang Glory (from the movie Selma) in honor of King.

Meanwhile, Tony Green said King had a special connection to the Bay Area, and actually tested themes of his famous March on Washington speech when attending and speaking at the “Mind of the Ghetto” Conference, held in Oakland in 1962 and attended by 7,000 people, including Malcolm X and Muhammed Ali.


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