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Alum Talk About Community College Benefits

The O’Dowd Counseling Department hosted a very well-attended session, open to students and parents, about the community college option on May 2. After a short presentation by the counselors, three guest speakers, Toni Carter ’17, Tamarik Rabb ’17 and Mr. Carlos Trujillo, Math Department Chairperson, shared their reasons for choosing community college as a pathway to their careers. Tamarik and Toni presented advantages, as well as shared outcomes of successful community college students.

Finally, Mr. Trujillo stressed the importance of finding one’s own path, and not allowing the distraction of the “noise” about college get in the way of one’s decision and focus.

Both Carter and Rabb are currently honors students at their respective community college campuses, and are beginning the four-year transfer process in the fall of 2018.

Helpful tips they shared included starting the first quarter or semester by taking the minimum full-time requirement, meeting often with your community college counselor, and beginning your college experience in the summer, immediately after graduation from O’Dowd.

Both students also shared that in the coming year, first year, full-time community college students WILL NOT have to pay tuition and fees, making this option even more attractive.


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