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2019 Advanced Leadership Retreat

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Prepping for THIS WEEK and the year ahead (WOW and WELCOME), O’Dowd student leaders came together at the Advanced Leadership Retreat for 2 days. Campus Ministry Team, Eco Leaders, Dragon Ambassadors, Solidarity in Action, Associated Student Body, and Lead Peer Tutors gathered to plan, learn and grow their skills for effective leadership. The retreat theme, “one body, many parts,” was adapted from 1 Corinthians 12 to emphasize the interconnection within and among the student leadership groups and larger student body. Students focused on how they may best see and hear one another and what they stand for. They dove deeply into O’Dowd’s core values and indeed enacted them throughout their time together, making plans and crafting mission statements to serve the community. The year ahead looks especially joyful with students leading the way!


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