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2016 Food and Toy Drive

Our Annual Food and Toy Drive is underway!

Each first period classroom is asked to “adopt” one family from St. Vincent Day Home in in West Oakland. SVDH offers day-care/pre-school/kindergarten programs that serve and support working families with economic challenges.

To “adopt” a family means each class (approx. 25 students) will collect/donate 2 boxes of non-perishable food items and at least 1 gift for each member of the family, parents included.

O’Dowd students may have already talked with their parents about items they are collecting. Each class decides who will bring in which items. A suggested list is below, but items vary by class and family needs.

We need all items to be brought to Period 1 homerooms by next Tuesday morning, Dec. 6. Delivery to SVDH will be on Wednesday morning, Dec. 7.

A huge THANK YOU to the whole O’Dowd community for all the ways you have offered support.

NOTE: We ask that food NOT be perishable and it is a request of St. Vincent Day Home that no toys be violence oriented (i.e. no guns, no knives, no fighting “action figures”) Thank you!

SUGGESTED FOOD LIST (NOTE – No perishable foods)

  1. Canned Fruit

  2. Canned Veggies

  3. Canned Soups & Crackers

  4. Cereals

  5. Coffee / Tea

  6. Sugar

  7. Flour

  8. Rice

  9. Pinto beans (dry)

  10. Peanut Butter & Jelly

  11. Canned meats

  12. Tuna – canned

  13. Vegetable oil

  14. Treats: fruit snacks, cookies, cocoa


  1. Toothbrushes & Toothpaste

  2. Soap & Shampoo

  3. Cleaning sponges

  4. Lotions or skin cream

  5. Band Aids, first aid

POSSIBLE (GENERAL) Kid’s items (if there are no specifics from the family info)

  1. Children’s Books

  2. Fun stickers

  3. Coloring books, Paper

  4. Pens, Pencils, Erasers

  5. Chalk, Crayons,

  6. Water color markers

  7. Dolls, balls, stuffed animals

  8. Games or puzzles

“The annual Food and Toy Drive kicked off yesterday, and runs through Tuesday, December 6. The drive serves families from Saint Vincent’s Day Home, a non-profit with more than a century of service to children of low-income families.


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