Freshman: Ancestors Project

This program is a 10-hour service learning curriculum for all freshmen to be undertaken when students take the Hebrew Scriptures religion course. Students build connections with elder residents at assisted living sites assigned by the school. During the program students will connect with their “Personal Ancestors” (grandparents, older relatives) and with “Societal Ancestors” (elders in general in our society). They will also learn about “Religious Ancestors” through the curriculum of the Hebrew Scriptures course and be guided in making connections among all three.

The heart of their volunteer service hours will be students connecting with our “Societal Ancestors” by visiting with elders in residential homes that the school has previously identified. Students will be placed as volunteers with the Activities Departments at 10 different residences located in a variety of areas around Oakland.


Sophomore St. Anthony Day

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Sophomore: Friends Project

In the Friends Project, our students put their leadership skills into practice by building mentoring relationships with either children (ages 4-12) or with people (of any age) living with developmental disabilities. This project is intended to help students improve their interpersonal skills, leadership ability and volunteer experience.

Junior/Senior: Anawim Project

The Anawim Project at O’Dowd is designed for students to learn about social justice by connecting with people who experience the injustice of marginalization. Students explore social justice issues within a 60-hour, service-learning project done in their junior or senior year, and in the companion Peace and Justice Religion class.