Career Partnerships Program

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Career Partnerships Program Overview

The Career Partnerships Program (CPP) builds professional skills and offers concrete experiences for students to explore college and career. The goal is to give students the information, skills, inspiration and motivation that they need to shape their own futures. In meetings, trainings and the once-each-semester mini-retreat, students learn communication and networking skills and discuss issues that relate to both their present and their future. On college trips students tour nearby universities, meet with O’Dowd alums and evaluate what they want in a college.

Workplace trips and special events introduce students to a variety of professionals and careers. Deeper exploration of careers is also available through shadowing and internship possibilities. The CPP is open to rising sophomores, juniors and seniors. For more information contact Meghan Wallingford via email or by phone at ext. 621.

What We Do

  • Students learn communication and networking skills that will serve them in school and throughout their lives.  Guided reflection helps students get the most from their experiences.
  • Before meeting professionals, students will have thought about what they want to accomplish with this experience and prepared questions they want to ask. We also coach students in the culture, etiquette and norms of the professional environment.
  • CPP students receive individual attention to help them identify their interests, develop their skills, and meet professionals who will help them pursue their dreams.
  • College visits are a window into the student’s own future. Students meet professors, interact with college students, and explore what they want in a college.
  • Group events, where students meet different types of professionals, expand the student’s sense of possibility and offer insight into a variety of fields.
  • Shadowing introduces students to career partners -- professionals doing important and interesting work. Students enter a professional workplace, watch the career partner at work, and talk about issues -- college, career, life choices, the role of professionals in the community, their ability to work for the greater good, and the impact of economic and social factors related to that profession, including gender and ethnicity.

Students Visit Garfield Center

“This trip was really great! It was interesting to see how technology is being incorporated into health care everywhere, and how you can see your doctor even when you are not there. I loved seeing all of the ideas still in progress and the ideas that are now a reality. This trip was very inspiring [...]

Entrepeneurs Club Visits Disrupt SF

Entrepeneur club students were given an incredible opportunity to attend Disrupt SF, a TechCrunch event. None of them would have been able to afford the $3k ticket without the generous support of a well connected O’Dowd parent for which they were all grateful. Watch the thank you video »

Dr. Kelly, Senior Vice President of IBM, told the audience we have now entered a new era of computing, the third era, the era of artificial intelligence. This was one of those crazy talks that made me feel like I had just seen the iPhone for the first time.

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Top speakers included billionaires and CEOs.

VR captured the most students imagination.

The Future of Drones – Helen Greiner – CyPhy Works – Disrupt SF

She created the Roomba and now she has a whole new take on aerial drones.

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Don’t be afraid of robots – Yuri Milner Billionaire Funder – Disrupt SF

When Billionaires say something it’s usually a good idea to listen, even if they are a bit boring.

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Entrepeneur Students Thank TechCrunch for Tickets

DisruptSF is a phenomenal event. Tickets are about $3k a piece, and our benefactor took 35 kids and 6 adults. You do the math. In short this was a phenomenal opportunity. Here are the students saying thank you for this CRAZY opportunity!

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