The administration of Bishop O’Dowd High School reserves the right to make any and all judgments on matters not explicitly outlined in this dress code, and reserves the right to amend this dress code, after giving due notice to students and parents/guardians, at any time. With this in mind, the school’s dress code establishes certain minimal standards of neatness and modesty.

Any student who violates the dress code– at any time during the school day– will not be allowed to attend classes until the situation is rectified via a meeting with the Deans or having the proper clothing delivered to school by a parent/guardian. Should a student not be able to rectify their dress code violation or if they have received more than one violation, the student will be sent home for that day and is responsible for any work missed.

Continuing Non-Compliance may result in disciplinary probation, including restriction of activities, school project duty, and/or suspension or further disciplinary actions.

Friday Only: Sports/Club Wear

Students may wear O’Dowd club, team, and other school organizations sanctioned t-shirts or outerwear on Fridays. These are worn in place of the O’Dowd polo and approved outerwear. Items worn below the waist are expected to follow the regular dress code guidelines.