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Tackle Procrastination with Academic Support Family Workshop

Partners in Parenting: Academic Support Family Workshop

What: Tackle Procrastination: Tips for Students about How to Organize Time and Follow Through


Ready to get great grades in high school without losing your life to school and studying? Back by popular demand, Gretchen Wegner returns to share small-but-powerful time management & organization routines that every student & parent should know, so that you “de-stressify” school and maximize success (not to mention, have a life too!). This interactive, anti-boring presentation will include straightforward tips for parents as well as students, so come one, come all!

  1. Best apps & tech tools

  2. Tricks for your planner

  3. Simple routines to get work done

Who: See Gretchen’s website »

When: Tuesday, September 25th 7:00-8:00 PM

Where: Annex

Please RSVP »

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