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Partners in Parenting: Academic Support Family Workshop

When: Wednesday, February 6th 7:00-8:00PM in the theater.

Take Powerful Notes: How to Remember What You Learn By Writing It Down Well

Which student are you — do you take too many notes, or not enough? Do you take them but don’t understand what you wrote, or feel so overwhelmed that you never look at them again?

During this hands-on session, we’ll practice the keys to note-taking so that you know what to write down and how, and can use your notes to study for upcoming tests. We will provide a handout, but please bring (1) a writing utensil and (2) a book or notebook to provide a flat surface on which to write. This workshop is for parents and students.

In this video, Gretchen will share more details about the workshop as well as her “Anti-Boring Study Cycle” which she will allude to in the workshop. If you haven’t attended one of her workshops before, this would be helpful to watch!

RSVP: 2/6 Note-taking Workshop

Gretchen’s Bio:

Gretchen Wegner is an Academic Life Coach who inspires students to uncover their true identities as capable, clever, and creative learners in school and life. She is an internationally recognized expert in how to de-stressify school by building their executive function skills, teaching teens a unique system for time management, organization and studying called The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying™. Not only has Gretchen coached hundreds of students in middle school through grad school, she now trains educators all over the world in her unique, powerful, and research-based system for transforming students into voracious, organized learners through her signature courses The Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically and the Anti-Boring Approach™ Coach Training Program. A former Fulbright Fellow, Gretchen has a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and was a credentialed middle and high school teacher. She is also the inventor of the MuseCubes™, a productivity toy that helps people — quite literally! — shake their brains free when they’re feeling stuck. Always an advocate of playful rigor in school and in life, she is also a public speaker, improvisational performer, lindy hop dancer, backpacker, and proud resident of Oakland, California. You can find out more at at

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