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O’Dowd Students Seek Opportunities to Explore Careers

When asked what career they plan to pursue, some students readily offer an answer often accompanied with a detailed plan of where they will to go to college and the extra curricular programs they will participate in along the way. For most students, however, this is not the case. Most teenagers are just starting to discover their skills and interests and view the future and its many options with a combination of hope, excitement and uncertainty. Regardless of where they are on their journey, the Career Partnerships Program is a resource that supports all students.

The O’Dowd Career Partnerships Program is an extracurricular program designed to help students develop professional skills and to provide them with opportunities to explore different careers and industries. All CPP members participate in a series of workshops designed to provide a solid foundation in communication skills, networking and basic professional etiquette. Having completed the workshops, CPP students continue their career exploration by connecting with professionals through field trips, on-campus speakers, shadow visits and internships. These interactions are the most meaningful methods of career exploration for our students because they provide students with a first-hand opportunity gather information and to begin developing a professional network.

Community involvement is key to the success of the Career Partnerships Program. If you are interested in participating in the Career Partnerships Program as an on-campus speaker, as a field trip or shadow visit host, or if you are considering hiring an O’Dowd student for a summer internship, email Career Partnerships Program Coordinator Meghan Wallingford.


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