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O’Dowd Announces Dragon Table Program

General Overview

O’Dowd Athletics is proud to present “Dragon Table”, a program that provides nutrition focused additional food for athletes. Meals and snacks are high in protein and designed to help athletes feel full and energized throughout the day so they may perform at their optimum level during practices and competitions. Those who decide to participate will be given a Loyalty Card with their name on it, which will allow them to purchase each meal. Loyalty Cards provide a “buy 9, get 1 free” incentive.

Cards can be presented to the kitchen staff upon purchase of Dragon Table and once they are full, they can be turned back in to Kiah Sundermeir in the Athletic Training office for a new card. Loyalty Cards may be picked up on any school day any time between 11am-7pm. Dragon Table will begin on August 16, 2018.

Meals offered include the following:

  1. Breakfast

  2. Available in the cafeteria each morning 7:30-8:30am and first break.

  3. Menu typically includes a protein (egg, sausage, bacon) as well as a carbohydrate (hash browns, country potatoes).

  4. There will also be energy bowls that include fresh fruit, granola, acai juice, soy milk, and more.

  5. Protein packed smoothies

  6. Lunch

  7. Extra protein portions are available in the hot meal line in the cafeteria.

  8. Additional snacks include Luna and Kind bars as well as yogurt parfaits and hummus with toasted pits chips.

  9. Healthy food options besides the hot meal include artisan sandwiches, Greek salads, chicken with kale, and more.

  10. After school snacks

  11. Available at the snack bar next to the cafeteria only during after school hours.

  12. Options available will be the Luna and Kind bars, hummus and pita chips, yogurt parfait, and fresh energy bowls.

Questions or concerns about participation may be directed to: Kiah Sundermeir, MA, ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer


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