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NHS Induction Ceremony

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By Shreya Nagdev ’18

The newest members of O’Dowd’s National Honor Society (NHS) chapter were inducted in a ceremony held in the small gymnasium on April 24.

NHS Vice President of Community Service Jerome Deck ’17 led family and friends and current NHS members who had gathered for the event in prayer to begin the ceremony. Afterwards, Principal James Childs highlighted the achievements of NHS members. Then NHS President Dylan Brown ’17 introduced the other NHS officers who reminded the new and current members of the four qualities – Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character – required of members. NHS members Carlie Houser ’17, Jerome Deck ’17, Kate Shiber ’17 and Chase Holliman ’17 provided a brief definition of each quality and then proceeded to light a candle that represented the quality. After each candle had been lit, Dylan Brown ’17 began the induction portion of the ceremony. Each member received a yellow rose, an NHS pin, and signed their names into the official NHS Register to confirm their induction. Once all inductees had taken a seat, Dylan Brown ’17 led them in the NHS member pledge, formally ending the ceremony. Members then enjoyed the reception with friends and family.

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Inducted members:

From the Class of 2017:

Reina Bonta, Walter Brostrom, Nicholas Desler, Haley Doron, Rochelle Espinosa, Madeleine Farrington, Maria Gee, Carla Ho, Julia Kernan Woitalla, Ben Lancaster, Tyler LeBoa, Sarah Lempres, Rinah Lim, Kai Morton, Brandon Pang, Zoe Rennie, Sydni Resnick, Nicholas Riani, Kendall Robinson, Jonquil Rumberger, Samantha Szuhaj, Jimmy Tang, and Emma Wawrzynek.

From the Class of 2018:

Alec Abdul-Rahim, Khukheper Awakoaiye, Cosette Backus, Julia Beauchemin, Sanah Basrai, Colette Calegari, Eleanore Carper, Zoë Chan, Christine Curulla, Luke Ditzler, Anna Dubon, Olivia Duff, Nathan Francis, Julia Gallaway, Cece Garofoli, Kameela Hall, Zhirui He, Claudia Hester, Nora Hurley, Maia Johnson, Henna Kaur, Marie-Claire Lamoureux, Phoebe Lawton, Beatrice Leader, Emily Lecocq, Claire Lefebre, Charlotte Low, Christopher Lucas, Tyler Manca, Katherine Marcel, Devon Meyer, Sisi Morris-Gavrieli, Shreya Nagdev, Georgina Pease, Marissa Petty, Christina Pirrotta, Nadia Ralston, Sophia Rodriguez, Sabine Schroepfer, Erika Sue, Connor Tamor, Jessica von Seeburg, Andi Wiley, Max Williams, Adeya Wyatt, Eric Yu, Patrick Zheng

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