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Middle Schoolers Set to Thrive at O’Dowd Summer Academy

A new middle school program that encourages self-exploration and whole child development is the centerpiece of O’Dowd’s Summer Academy 2017.

Dragon Community Time is a one-hour program that provides a safe space for students to work in small groups around topics that foster inclusivity and well-being. Guided by trained adults and teen camp counselors, students will have an opportunity to explore topics such as social media, inclusion and mindfulness with the goals of staying healthy, maintaining positive social practices and respectfully engaging in the world around them.

“We wanted to offer a well-rounded and whole child experience for our campers, so we made some adjustments to our schedule and course offerings and created Dragon Community Time so campers can come together, engage in collaborative games and activities, and discuss real world topics safely,” Assistant Principal Jase Turner said.

“At O’Dowd we cherish our community times. We use them for celebrations, to further our learning, and to connect with our spirituality in hopes of engaging our minds, hearts and body. O’Dowd’s programs are anchored in values that promote intellectual excellence, strength of character, resiliency and spiritual wisdom. I wanted to leverage those types of opportunities in the summer,” he said.

In addition to Dragon Community Time, middle school students can choose from engaging academic and co-curricular classes to round out their Summer Academy experience.

Unique classes offered include iPad Comic Book Creations, in which students will learn to use drawing and painting apps on the iPad to create professional-looking comic books, and Doing Good (done in partnership with The Forgotten International), that encourages students to think creatively to develop real-world projects aimed at helping those struggling with poverty both locally and abroad.


Is your child a budding foodie? In Edible Gardening, students will harvest and prepare food grown in the O’Dowd Living Lab Edible Garden, while learning about sustainable agriculture principles and nutrition. There will also be two field trips to local sustainable farms.

Students can also choose from computer art and animation, digital music, various levels of Algebra, creative writing, computer science, robotics, strength and conditioning, an assortment of sports offerings and much more.

Families can get additional details and sign up for Summer Academy »


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