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Health and Wellness Week Addresses Respect in Relationships

The theme of Respect in Relationships for Health and Wellness Week placed a timely focus on affirmative consent and prevention of gender-based violence. The week consisted of fun lunch activities hosted by our Counseling Department, with support form Associated Student Body Officers, Solidarity in Action, and Eco-Leaders. The Respect Wheel helped students reach out to take a Healthy Relationships Challenge while practicing the principles of consent. The Respect Yourself Reflection gave students an opportunity to take a moment to practice mindfulness, and the Think Before You Post contest challenged students to find creative ways to promote respect online. Students had the opportunity to sign the Pledge for Action Banner in a public display of their commitment to ask first and respect the answer, to look out for unhealthy situations and intervene to protect the dignity of others, and support for survivors of sexual assault. The week ended with students making Caring Cards to write a thoughtful note someone in our community.

Special events included campus Chaplain Fr. Jim Sullivan offering the Sacrament of Reconciliation in recognition of respect in our relationship with God and the Eco-Leaders and Green Dragons offering the opportunity for students to create sage bundles in recognition of respect in our relationships with the earth. Bay Area Women Against Rape also offered an informational presentation at MP on sexual assault, affirmative consent, and bystander intervention.

A highlight of the week was the Date Safe Project Safer Choices assembly and the Help! My Teen is Dating parent event in the evening lead by Mike Domitrz, founder of the Date Safe Project award-winning author and accomplished educator. Students were fully engaged and appreciative of the opportunity to take an honest and playful look at healthy dating, consent, sexual decision-making, bystander intervention, sexual assault awareness, and supporting sexual assault survivors. Our Associated Student Body Officers made a special effort to frame the assembly in the context of our individual and collective responsibilities to respect the inherent dignity of all human beings and to work for a just society.

A number of groups came together to help make Health and Wellness Week a success. Special thanks are due to the Counseling and Religion departments, along with the Associated Student Body, Campus Ministry Team, Eco-Leaders, Solidarity in Action, and Thien Pham, Annette Counts and Audrey Irwin for their work in preparing activities for students for the week.

Double Dutch was a popular activity during the week.


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