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Health and Wellness Week 2016!

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The Health and Wellness Leadership Team chose to focus on helping students understand and cope with stress for Health and Wellness Week.  Members of the student leadership team offered morning prayers, announcement period videos, lunchtime and MP activities to provide students opportunities to learn more about the impact of stress and how to develop healthy habits to reduce stress.  On Monday, dogs from Therapy Pets were brought to campus and were available during lunch periods to help students take a moment to relax.  Meditation and Yoga and a talk were offered during MP to encourage students to practice healthy ways to cope with stress.  Art teacher Chris Roscoe offered Clay Play during lunches to give students the opportunity to reduce stress through creativity.  The focus on healthy habits continued into Tuesday where the Health and Wellness Leadership team and SCorps joined together to offer students the opportunity to practice healthy eating and exercise habits using the blender bike to make healthy smoothies.  Gratitude was the focus on Wednesday with students learning about the power that genuine gratitude has in improving mood and being encouraged to practice expressing gratitude throughout the day.  The week concluded with a focus on teen mental health. The health and wellness student leaders hosted an informational table at lunch on the impact of stress on teen mental health, teen anxiety, and teen depression.  Dr. Adrianne Candell spoke to the parent community on Thursday evening in a presentation titled “Promoting Teen Wellness.”

Health and Wellness Leadership Team members are: Will Huntington, Henna Kaur, Sierra Jimenez, Sanah Basrai, Sheaj Basrai, Bella Kocabiyik, and Alden O’Rafferty.

Health and Wellness Leadership Team faculty moderators are: Mr. Mark Lederer and Ms. Laurie Thirion

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