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Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Students Recognized at Awards Assembly

Freshman, sophomore and junior students were recognized for outstanding achievement in academics and student activities at a multi-grade awards assembly held in the large gymnasium on May 17. Seniors were recognized at a separate awards ceremony held on May 10.

Twenty-four freshmen, 30 sophomores and 53 juniors were recognized for maintaining a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 or better through the semester ending December 2016.

Several students in each of the three grades also received department medals and certificates for their mastery in English, fine arts, world languages, mathematics, physical education, religious studies, science and social studies. And students participating in student council, campus ministry and other campus life activities were recognized.

Two special awards – the Outstanding Male/Female Award and the Spirit of the Dragon Award – were presented to students in each of the grades.

The Outstanding Male/Female Award is given to students who demonstrate superior academic achievement in all areas, and who are highly respected by members of their class for their overall involvement, attitude and service to others.

The Spirit of the Dragon Award is given to students who embody the well roundedness of an active and engaged Bishop O’Dowd High School student outside of the classroom, and who go above and beyond their involvement in class activities, clubs, the fine and performing arts, athletics and service to the O’Dowd and/or surrounding communities.

Freshman winners were Connor Whitehill and Omelade Adesanya (Outstanding Male/Female Award) and Skylar McGlockton and Arnet Yu (Spirit of the Dragon Award).

Sophomore winners were Kheshawn Wynn and Robin Parks (Outstanding Male/ Female Award) and Jonathan Kyriacou and Bianca Shaw (Spirit of the Dragon Award).

Junior winners were Christopher Lucas and Katherine Marcel (Outstanding Male/Female Award) and Jessica Lopez and Connor Tamor (Spirit of the Dragon Award).

See the event program for a comprehensive list of the awards.


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