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Family Celebrated at Opening School Liturgy

The Bishop O’Dowd High School community gathered on the Quad on September 6 to celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit, the first liturgy of the 2018-19 school year.

President James Childs welcomed students to the gathering and spoke about the theme for the year – Family.

“Remember that finding God in all things calls us to be a family,” he said. “You are brilliant, a wondrous expression of God’s love for the world – give yourself permission to shine and reflect God’s glory of having made you! That’s how you best honor the family – by being the best YOU you can be and by making others better for your presence.”

He also encouraged students to offer their prayers for others. “That is one of the most powerful ways of being in a family, putting the needs of another ahead of your own,” he said.

Prior to the start of the liturgy, the Campus Ministry Team performed a skit reinforcing this theme. “Throughout this year here at O’Dowd, we hope you hear something, feel something, or experience something that makes you feel comfortable, welcomed and part of the O’Dowd family,” members said.

CMT members Ellie Desler ’19 and Anaelle Oiknine ’19 read a thoughtful adaptation of Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians, closing with “In one spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether teachers, administrators or students, we were all given to drink of the one spirit.”

In his homily, campus chaplain Fr. Jim Sullivan urged students to commit themselves to creating strong bonds of relationships with one another, just as Jesus loved others as brothers and sisters.

At the conclusion of the liturgy, members of various student leadership groups led special blessings of each individual class as well as the faculty and staff.

A blessing for students participating in the September 8 RISE March for Climate, Jobs and Justice was also offered.

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