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Alum of the Month – March

<img class="size-full wp-image-19169 alignleft lazyload" src="" alt="" width="200" height="250" />Felicity Meu ’97 Transforming the Way Schools Reach Donors and Raise Money

If Felicity Meu ’97 could sum up her professional mission in one sentence it would be “helping more people be more generous more thoughtfully.”

Throughout her career in fundraising, Meu has focused on building strong relationships with donors in order to help them align their giving with causes that resonate with their core values.

“When you can help somebody do something as meaningful and important as exercise their core values in a way that they hope changes the world you are actually giving them a gift,” she said.

To that end, Meu is Director of Partner Success for GiveCampus, the leading social fundraising and engagement platform for educational institutions which blends models like crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising and social networking to make philanthropy more social, interactive and fun. Alumni, students, parents, friends, faculty, and staff can use GiveCampus to connect with their school and with one another around philanthropy.

Building a Career in Philanthropy

Meu earned a bachelor’s degree in physical geography, with a minor in education, and holds a master’s in public administration from U.C. Berkeley.

Most recently, Meu worked as a consultant at the Stanford Effective Philanthropy Lab, which aims to better understand individuals’ approach to philanthropy, identify ways to motivate them to be more impact-driven with their giving, design resources and tools to help them achieve their desired impact, and explore ways to engage millennials in crafting an impactful philanthropic future.

Previously, she served as director of Next Generation Giving at Stanford, where she helped to develop a long-term strategy for encouraging philanthropy among the university’s young donors and future leaders, in light of significant demographic shifts and changing preferences. In addition to maintaining a major and principal gift portfolio, she also helped pilot new programs and technologies for the development office.

Earlier in her career, Meu worked for 10 years as Director of Youth Programming for Cal Adventures, an outdoor education program, where she specialized in leadership development and team building. She also spent two years as a leadership consultant traveling to more than 60 universities.

Meu says her O’Dowd experience was foundational in shaping her philanthropic values. “Going to a Catholic school and being able to openly have discussions about values and how I wanted to be of service to the world was important,” she said. “Obviously I ended up selecting a career that is very much in keeping with service.”


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