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Actor Profile – Cameron McLaurin

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1. Theatrical background

“I started musical theatre in the second semester of my sophomore year. My first musical was Hairspray. It was an amazing experience. I met so many great people and made so many wonderful friends. This first experience drove me to continue on through my junior year where I sang We Beseech Thee in Godspell. Then I played Richie Walters in A Chorus Line during the spring semester.”

2. What role are you playing? Please describe in detail your character’s traits.

“In this show, I play one of three Proteans. This is an especially difficult and time-consuming role because it takes an immense amount of coordination and cooperation from all three of us. The three of us play multiple roles, often having to change costumes in a matter of seconds. We are some of the funniest characters in the show. I’ve heard Proteans often steal the show with their multiple comedic characters.”

3. The show is a musical farce. Explain what that means to you.

“A farce is a comedy that aims to entertain the audience through highly exaggerated and extravagant situations. This show is a rollercoaster ride for the audience, as it has so many plot twists, mistaken identities and just plain crazy events that occur. The show is characterized using deliberate nonsense that will have the audience in tears of laugher.”

4. Describe life being a drama kid at Bishop O’Dowd High School.

“We’ve all learned to practice the 5 D’s: Desire, Drive, Discipline, Dedication, and Determination. We desire perfection and the drive to rehearse hard and make sure we have our lines and choreography learned. We need discipline so we can balance work and play. Dedication keeps us in the musical and striving towards our goals.  Being in drama has helped with my confidence and perseverance. I am no longer afraid of public speaking and I’ve learned to always keep trying with whatever task I am presented with.”


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