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2019 Alumni Summit: New Ways to Reconnect with O’Dowd

Alumnus Jim Negri ’68 led the Summit program, focused on alumni engagement. Alumni Relations Director LizaDawn Aduviso and Dragon Launch Coordinator Meghan Wallingford ’89 shared current and future opportunities for alumni to come back to O’Dowd and alumni contributed their own ideas and feedback. Together, alumni explored ways to reconnect with their former classmates with events like next month’s Alumni Beer Garden or the Night at the Theater held in April. They also expressed excitement about engaging with current students through Career Day, mock interviews, mentoring and helping students build LinkedIn profiles, and visiting classes as guest speakers.

The evening concluded with alumni sharing what they most appreciate about O’Dowd, from lifelong friendships to all-star teachers and what O’Dowd means to them. Summit leader Negri said, “O’Dowd made me who I am.” Others including Pita Toler ’07, Dana Ciraulo Young ’83, and David Schwoegler ’61 shared similar sentiments of O’Dowd as a home, a foundation of love, and a place that shaped them. Ron Ratto ’80 kept it simple: “Education. Sports. Community.”

If you are an alum and want to find ways to reconnect and give back, we encourage you to reach out by contacting Alumni Relations Director LizaDawn Aduviso at 510-577-9100. We also encourage alumni to share your updates at


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