Learning About Ourselves to Create a Better World

The humanities at O’Dowd encompass both English and Social Studies. Through close study of the world’s greatest thinkers, and active exploration of the cultural, political, and economic institutions that shape our world, students reflect on modern social challenges, broaden their perspectives, and develop strong critical thinking and writing skills that equip them to make a difference in their communities - whether they pursue journalism, law, medicine, politics, policy, social work, or other forms of leadership.

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Eng525: Identity and Literature

Students examine articulation of the “self,” or one’s own voice, inclusion, and the social and political issues and moral responsibilities associated with identity.

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SST621: AP Human Geography

This interdisciplinary course introduces students to the cultural, political and economic patterns and processes that shape human use and alteration of the Earth’s surface

SST474: Hip-Hop and Society

This course is designed to examine the growing historical, political, racial, economic, artistic and social importance of hip-hop culture through a sociological approach.


Advanced Placement Courses, including a brand new African American Studies pilot.


Academic Co-Curriculars, including student newspaper, debate team, and Mock Trial.

English Faculty
Kate Cunnane, Department Chair

Originally from Massachusetts, Kate has been with O’Dowd since 2016. She earned her BA in English from Macalester College in St. Paul, MN and her MA Education from UC Berkeley. She believes the books we read as young people make the strongest impact, giving students the opportunity to engage with important issues and discover who they want to be. 

Social Studies Faculty
Sarah Bremer and Nicole Sullivan, Department Co-Chairs

Sarah grew up in Hawaii before earning her BA and MA from UC Berkeley. She has been teaching at O’Dowd since 2006, where she loves hearing students share their ideas about geography and psychology.


Originally from San Francisco, Nicole earned her BS in Psychology from St. Mary’s College before starting at O’Dowd in 2017. Her favorite subject is English, because she enjoys the skills students learn and the creativity they express.

Sarah Bremer
Sarah Bremer
Nicole Sullivan