Establish an Endowment

Establishing a named endowed scholarship is a wonderful way to honor family members, friends or mentors. Endowed scholarship funds start with a minimum commitment of $50,000. The larger the gift, the greater the impact it has relieved the tuition burden for talented students.

Endowments can be made through a variety of giving options, either during your lifetime or at the time of your passing. During your lifetime, you can fund an endowment with cash, securities, real estate, or a life-income gift. You can also create an endowment through a will/living trust bequest or via a retirement plan/insurance policy beneficiary designation.

Please contact Michelle Hawkins, Director of Development for more information on starting an endowment fund at or (510) 553-6630.

Endowment Funds

Alumni Scholarship Fund

Created in 1996, this fund is a vehicle for graduates of the school to give back by supporting the current student body. Opportunities to support this fund are presented through the annual alumni appeal and at special events such as reunions.

James Barbagallo '70 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established in 1996, upon the sudden death of world-renowned pianist James Barbagallo. The Barbagallo family designated this memorial scholarship fund to provide tuition assistance based upon need to students with a love of and demonstrated talent for music.

Bjornson Family Scholarship Fund

Established in 2016 by Tom and Sharon Bjornson, the parents of Laurie Bjornson Slez ’88 and Eric Bjornson ’90, this endowment was created in recognition of their children’s experiences at O’Dowd. This scholarship will provide aid to a deserving student.

Elizabeth J. Cabraser '70 Scholarship Fund

Established in 2012 by distinguished 1970 alumna Elizabeth Cabraser to support students who embody the core value of service and are in most need. The endowment was also established as a lasting memorial to classmate and friend Catherine M. Ronconi.

Class of 1955 Scholarship Fund

Established by the Class of 1955 to honor and perpetuate the memory of Father Hurley and the Class of 1955, O’Dowd’s first graduating class. Earnings from the fund will provide financial assistance to deserving students.

Class of 1956 Scholarship Fund

Established by the members of the Class of 1956, this fund was created to provide need-based tuition assistance.

Class of 1960 Scholarship Fund

On the occasion of their 50th reunion (’60 @ Fifty’), the members of the Class of 1960 established this scholarship fund to provide perpetual financial assistance to deserving students who would otherwise be unable to experience the empowering benefits of an O’Dowd education.

Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund

Established in 2001 by Earl Johson ’61 and enthusiastically supported by alumni members of the Class of 1961, the fund honors Father Ernest Brainard, a devoted educator from O’Dowd’s opening, through 1966. It is awarded to a student involved in his or her parish in need of financial assistance.

Class of 1962 Scholarship Fund

Established by the Class of 1962, this scholarship fund will provide tuition supplements to students who are not able to pay full tuition so that they will have the opportunity to attend O’Dowd and receive a great Catholic education.

Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund

On the anniversary of the 1963 Alumni classmates’ 70th birthday, the Class of 1963 established a scholarship fund to enable a deserving student to benefit from the same excellent Catholic education they received in the 1960s.

Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund

Established at the time of their 50th high school reunion, the Class of 1965 created this scholarship fund to transform the lives of low-income students by providing the opportunity for them to receive an O’Dowd education.

Class of 1966 Scholarship Fund

Established in 2016, in preparation for their 50th high school reunion, the Class of 1966 created this fund to benefit O’Dowd students in financial need of tuition assistance.

Class of 1980 Scholarship Fund

Established by the Class of 1980 in celebration of their 30 year reunion. In memory of Gary Hazelhofer, and other classmates who have left us far too soon, we’ve dedicated this scholarship fund to them. “Honoring classmates we have lost with an ongoing gift for those to come.”

Class of 2016 Scholarship Fund

Established by the Class of 2016 in their senior year, this scholarship is the first O’Dowd fund to be created by a class prior to graduation. It is awarded each year to a student who meets the criteria of academic achievement, active participation in the O’Dowd community, and financial need.

Class of 2017 Scholarship Fund

Established by the Class of 2017 in their senior year, the Class of 2017 scholarship fund will provide financial support for deserving students who would otherwise be unable to attend O’Dowd. Grateful for their past four years, the seniors want to provide the same life-changing O’Dowd education to future students.

Anna Felicia Costa '90 Scholarship Fund

Established by her family in 2015 in memory of Anna Costa ’90, this fund was created for the annual scholarship benefit of a male and a female student in their junior year who demonstrate exemplary commitment and strong leadership in caring for and growing the Living Lab.

Anna Costa '90 Tree Fund

The endowed Anna Costa ’90 Tree Fund was established by her family in 2021 and enables the campus to become ever greener through the expanding forest canopies of the trees planted in Anna’s memory, which number 360 to date. In nurturing and expanding O’Dowd’s tree canopy, the school makes a significant commitment to address the ravages of our rapidly changing climate.

Sheila Moyles Cushing '57 Scholarship Fund

Established in 2007, on the occasion of Sheila Cushing’s retirement from the Y&H Soda Foundation, the Board of Directors awarded a grant in her name and according to her wishes to Bishop O’Dowd High School. It is her wish that an annual scholarship be awarded to a needy student.

Reverend Charles Delaney, C.S.B. Scholarship Fund

Established in 1986 upon the passing of Fr. Delaney, the Basilian Order designated this fund to aid students in good scholastic standing. Awards are based on financial need and the student’s involvement in clubs and organizations at the school.

Sister Katharine Emery Memorial Fund

Established in 2000, this award is given to a female student in her junior year who exhibits competence in and an appreciation of the language arts, subjects near and dear to Sr. Katharine.

Forensic Competitive Team Fund

Established in 2006 by the Bookin Family to provide for the continued support and development of interscholastic competitive forensic teams, including mock trial, debate, speech and academic decathlon.

Fund for Faculty Excellence

Established in 2019, The Fund for Faculty Excellence provides financial resources necessary to recognize and encourage excellence in teaching and student formation. The fund supports professional development and assists the school in the continued recruitment and retention of the most qualified faculty and staff to educate the students of today and tomorrow. The Fund for Faculty Excellence emphasizes, in a visible and enduring manner, the importance of professional educators to the health and vitality of the school.

Mike Gervasoni '63 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established in 2004 by the Gervasoni Family to honor Mike Gervasoni, Class of 1963, who passed away in a car accident October 21, 2004. Mike was a member of the Bishop O’Dowd Hall of Fame as a star basketball player. He was well loved in the O’Dowd community.

Mark J. Herrick Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established in 1997 by the Herrick family to celebrate the life and aspirations of Mark J. Herrick, who died while still a student. This fund awards financial assistance based upon need to students who share the love Mark had of the performing arts.

Michael Lucas Scholarship Fund

Established in 2016, the fund was created in memory of Michael Lucas, a beloved English teacher at O’Dowd for 30 years. To honor his dedication to O’Dowd students, the Lucas family established this fund for need-based tuition assistance for students in the College Prep Language Skills Program and Curriculum.

Alan J. Musante '65 Scholarship Fund

Established in 2015 by the family of Al Musante ’65, who believed that everyone should have a chance to reach their potential, this scholarship is awarded to a scholar-athlete in need who reflects Al’s interests, particularly in basketball.

Norma & Caesar Nuti Scholarship Fund

Established in 1992 by the family of Norma and Caesar Nuti, devoted parents and friends of Bishop O’Dowd High School, the Norma and Caesar Nuti scholarship fund provides a full scholarship for one student each year based on financial need. Mrs. Nuti served on the school’s Board of Regents and both Mr. and Mrs. Nuti served together as president of the parents’ association.

Carleton 'Scooter' Oats '87 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established in 1987, the Scooter Oats Fund memorializes this athlete’s exceptional performance on the football field, his strong sportsmanship and popularity among students.

Brendan Pedder '93 Scholarship Fund

Established in 2016 by his family in memory of Brendan, a member of O’Dowd’s 1993 State Champion Lacrosse team, this fund will be awarded to an O’Dowd Lacrosse player in need of financial aid.

The Henri Perenon Memorial Fund

Established in 1996 by the Perenon family, the Henri Perenon Memorial Fund honors the memory of this father, businessman and philanthropist. Funds are awarded to students in good academic standing and who have demonstrated a need for financial assistance.

Michael A. Petrini Transforming Lives Scholarship Fund

Established by the school in 2013, the fund was created in recognition of Michael Petrini’s 23 years of loyal service to O’Dowd as a teacher, administrator and Vice President for Advancement. The memorial scholarship fund honors Michael’s steadfast dedication to ensuring that deserving students in need of financial aid have the opportunity for an O’Dowd education.

Stephen Phelps Memorial Scholarship Fund

This endowed scholarship fund, named in memory of Stephen Phelps, Ed.D., recognizes his decades of service to Catholic education and to the O’Dowd community. Throughout his career, Steve helped countless students to transform their lives through education and to develop into future leaders.

Vickie Barrious Poitevin '65 Scholarship Fund

Established in 2016, The Vickie Barrious Poitevin ’65 scholarship fund was established by Vickie and her husband, Michael, to ensure that deserving students in need of financial aid have the opportunity for a transformative O’Dowd education. The scholarship will support students with demonstrated financial need from a Catholic elementary school within the Oakland diocese, with preference given to students of St. Jarlath parish.

Joseph Salamack Scholarship Fund

In May of 2011, the Bishop O’Dowd High School community established the Joseph Salamack scholarship fund as a fitting tribute to Mr. Salamack as O’Dowd’s first lay principal and for his great dedication to the students.

Pam Shay Scholarship Fund

On May 31, 2016 the O’Dowd community established this scholarship to celebrate and honor the leadership of Pam Shay, the school’s first female principal. Her leadership was marked by educational improvements which have enhanced the learning environment and support for all students, the implementation of a culture of sustainability, and a strengthening of the school’s Catholic identity.

Lew Hong Suey Inclusion Fund

Established in 2016 by Lillian and Stewart Fong (Tiffany ’04 and Stephanie ’08) in honor of their daughters’ maternal grandmother, an immigrant from China who encouraged learning and generosity in her family, this fund benefits O’Dowd’s Angel Fund and the Black Student Union Club.

Stephen Tom '78 Memorial Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established by the Tom family in 2015, on the 10th anniverary of Stephen’s death. It provides assistance to students in need of financial aid who reside in Oakland and who excel academically.

Lee Veneklasen Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established in 2001 in memory of Lee Veneklasen by his wife Mary and his family. This fund provides assistance for students with learning disabilities who are unable to afford the educational testing.

Wixson Family Scholarship Fund

Established in 2012, in memory of Devin Wixson ’81 and Charlotte Bettencourt Wixson ’59, and in recognition of the transformational and empowering benefits of an O’Dowd education, the Wixson Family scholarship fund will support deserving students who would otherwise be denied the opportunity to attend and graduate from Bishop O’Dowd High School.