Project Focus

Students will learn about social justice in our society through individual direct service, and their Peace and Justice (P&J) Religious Studies course.

Students will register for P&J to coincide with their Anawim Project end date. Students must choose their own service placement, focusing on the social justice issue of their choice, and plan their own schedule and deadline between June following sophomore year and November of senior year.

Project Outcomes

  • Through the relationships that students will build with people dealing with social injustice, they will develop a personal understanding of social justice in our society.
  • Students will be able to explain and analyze at least one complex social justice issue faced by the people with whom they are working.
  • Students will acquire the tools to analyze all systematic social structures which create disadvantages and hardships for people on the edges.

Anawim Project Requirements

  • Submit Anawim Contract/Approval Form to Schoology.
  • Spend a minimum of 60 hours at an approved placement, working to get to know people who experience social injustice.
  • Reflect on your service in writing with the Anawim Journal
  • Track & submit hours on MobileServe app with verification from a supervisor.
  • Complete the Peace and Justice (P&J) course, including a social justice issue research project which is a part of the Anawim Project within the P&J course. This will be assigned, collected, and graded by the P&J teacher.

Planning & Scheduling

Your service deadline is set by when you take the Peace & Justice course. Students must complete 60 hours of service before they are finished with the P&J course.

Fall P&J class (seniors) – Nov 20
Spring P&J class (juniors) – April 30

Planning Resources

Examples of Student Peace & Justice Final Projects