Program Outcomes

  • Practice personal leadership, initiative and independent work skills through a mentoring, service relationship


  • Choose a site with either children (ages 4-12) or for the 2021-2022 academic year complete hours of service, social justice education or advocacy
  • Submit a Friends Contract on their Friends Schoology page at the beginning of service
  • Complete the written Friends Journal
  • Serve at least 20 hours of service. Track & submit hours on MobileServe app with verification from a supervisor.
  • Placement must have an adult supervisor on-site who will know when the volunteer is present, give training as needed and offer guidance when necessary.

Timeline and Due Dates

Students must:

  • Attend orientation in freshman religion classes, which take place after Spring Break freshman year
  • Have completed freshman year before starting (after June 1.) They have the whole summer and school year available to do this project.
  • If students need approval for a new placement, they must check back with your Ms. Yavorsky within a week of turning in the online form.
  • Begin their service and submit their contract by February 1st
  • Submit remaining requirements (journal and timesheet) by April 30th of 10th grade.
  • NOTE: All paperwork is submitted to the student’s Friends Project Schoology page, and all hours are submitted through Mobileserve.

What Will NOT Count?

  • Babysitting or other general “child supervision” – this policy is to give the volunteer the best possible experience. A mentoring relationship is much more than general supervision.
  • For-profit day care centers where people doing this work normally get paid.
  • Any program which mainly serves kids younger than 4 or older than 13.
  • Any program where students will not have an adult supervisor.
  • A program where kids come only once or twice. We want students to have the chance to build a relationship with the people they serve– and that requires time spent together.
  • Students may not miss school for service, must not get paid, and cannot do a job for free that is normally paid. Also, time in transit does not count toward total hours, but training/orientation time will count up to 1/3 of total hours.