Will Cantine

Job Title:

Academic Dean




Phone: (510) 577-9100 ext. 

Started at O'Dowd:



B.S. Communications, Cornell University; M.S. Broadcast and Digital Journalism, Syracuse University; M.A Curriculum and Instruction, University of the Pacific.

Originally from:

New York, NY

Why I Teach:

I teach because I enjoy providing structure for young people to discover themselves (interests, likes/dislikes, etc.) and the world around them. I also teach because each year, each day brings new possibilities, new "ah-has," and a little nugget of joy.

Most powerful teaching technique:

Consistency, predictability and strong relationships!

Why are the subjects you teach important?:

I taught math for several years before becoming an administrator. Math is important because it is another language that is used to explain the world around us. Math is also important because it is a universal language.

Favorite quotes:

"Dress everyday like you're sitting front row!"; "Heroes get remembered, but legends never die!"; "If you didn't learn something new today, then your day was wasted!"

Favorite trivia:

My favorite trivia is the one that I create!

Recommended visual media:

Inception; Sister Act 2; 13th

Recommended reads:

History is All You Left Me (YA); Romeo and Juliet

Hobbies or outside interests:

I love hosting trivia with friends, family, colleagues, you name it!