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Patrick Cody-Carrese

Job Title:

Living Lab Gardener


Creation Care Team


Phone: (510) 577-9100



Started at O'Dowd:

October, 2018


Oakland Tech High School Graduate, UCLA B.A. in Sociology

Originally from:

Oakland, CA

Why I Teach:

I've had a love for the outdoors since I was a kid and I was able to spend summers camping with my family around the Bay Area. I am fortunate to now be able to care for an outdoor space that Bishop O'Dowd students can learn in, find peace in, and touch the earth in.

Most powerful teaching technique:

Why are the subjects you teach important?:

I believe that growing food with regenerative practices provides a valuable lesson for many aspects of life, and is beneficial because it leaves the land able to continually provide nutritious food.
I also believe that caring for the native ecosystem of the Bay Area is beneficial to the animal and plant communities, and conserves resources. We learn a valuable lesson about resilience, adaptation, and the beauty of our unique home as well.

Favorite quotes:

Favorite trivia:

The largest known living organism is an Aspen grove in Utah. These quaking aspens form an interconnected root system of more than 100 acres estimated to be 80,000 years old.

Recommended visual media:

Some movies: Mud, Mudbound, Brooklyn, Coach Carter, V for Vendetta

Recommended reads:

Ishmael, Life of Pi, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, The Long Valley

Hobbies or outside interests:

Baskteball, painting, tennis, dogsitting (shameless plug... 510-213-0132)

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