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Fred Randolph

Job Title:

Music Teacher


Fine and Performing Arts


Phone: (510) 577-9100



Started at O'Dowd:



BA in Political Science (UC Berkeley) BA in Music (UC Berkeley) MA in Music (CSUEB)

Originally from:

Honolulu, Hawaii

Why I Teach:

There is no more rewarding feeling than "passing the torch on" to the next generation.

Most powerful teaching technique:

Everyday is different in teaching, therefore different techniques are appropriate at different times. However, I do find that being able to demonstrate any concept you are teaching on the student's own instrument can be very powerful. That motivates me to keep learning new instruments and techniques to demonstrate on them.

Why are the subjects you teach important?:

Being able to connect with your creative self is the key to many modes of success whether your ultimate field is the arts, science or business. Learning to play an instrument in a musical ensemble involves higher level social, intellectual, and intuitive skills.

Favorite quotes:

"Music is your thoughts, your experience, and your wisdom. If you don't live them they won't come out in your horn." - Charlie Parker

Favorite trivia:

The first recorded example of deliberate feedback use was John Lennon's guitar intro to "I Feel Fine" (Beatles)

Recommended visual media:

"Glass" (a recent documentary on composer Philip Glass) "The Triumph of Charlie Parker" (a documentary on the life of jazz great Charlie Parker) "Midnight in Paris" (a great new movie by Woody Allen in which the lead character meets famous artists from the past)

Recommended reads:

"The Big Payback" (Dan Charnis) about the hip hop revolution "The Chitlin' Circuit and the Birth of Rock and Roll" by Preston Lauterbach (about a little known but important chapter in the story of Rock and Roll.)

Hobbies or outside interests:

Anything to do with music (writing, playing, producing, composing, arranging) Working out at the local gym Good Movies Good Food

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