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Academics CSF Course List for 2020-21 Fall Semester
Administrative Calendar Snapshot 2021-22
Administrative Student Accident Insurance Covid-19 Letter
Administrative Student Accident Insurance
Administrative Youth Clipper Cards for transit
Administrative Field Trip Form (Student)
Administrative Map of Campus Grounds
Administrative Covid Test Patient Consent Form
Administrative Course Catalog
Administrative Dress Code
Administrative Gift/Donation Form
Administrative Science Concurrent Enrollment Application
Administrative AC Transit Schedule
Administrative Student Family Handbook
Administrative Science Prerequisite Challenge
Administrative Volunteer Requirements, Application and Training
Administrative Journalism Application
Administrative Back to School Guide 21-22
Administrative BART Shuttle Permission Form
Administrative Remote Learning Guide
Advanced Placement (AP) AP Course & College of Siskiyous Information Packet
Advanced Placement (AP) AP & Honors Prerequisite Requirements and Challenge Forms
Alumni Reunion Planning Guide
Alumni Alumni Data Policy
Alumni Alumni Reunion Guide
Athletic Forms Head Injury and Concussion Management Packet
Athletic Forms Physical Form
Campus Ministry Financial Aid – Kairos Retreat
Campus Ministry Financial Aid – Senior and Sophomore Retreats
Campus Ministry Advanced Leadership Teams Joint Application Info 21-23
Counseling Schedule Change Form
Counseling College Visit Form
Counseling School Profile (2019-20)
Counseling AP Macroeconomics FAQ
Counseling Therapist Referrals
Counseling AP Human Geography, Psychology, US History FAQs
Counseling Junior Family College Meeting 2020 presentation
Counseling AP Science Info session recording
Counseling Tutor Resources
Counseling Virtual Career Week 2021 web site - students and staff only
Counseling Junior College Night 2019 Handout
Counseling Slides Course Planning and AP Course Info 2021-22 for Grades 9 to 11
Counseling Test Prep Comparison
Counseling Academic Concerns: Parent Guide
Counseling Work Permit Application
Counseling Getting Ready for College - Sophomores
Counseling Parent Wise Instructions
Counseling Video of Course Planning and AP Course Information 2021-22 for Grades 9 to 11
Drama Ticket Order Form - Working