Associated Student Body (Student Government)

The Associated Student Body is represented by an elected Executive Council. Each class has its own elected group.  Working with the Director of Student Activities, these student leaders plan, organize and run all student activities. Leadership skills are cultivated by attending leadership seminars off campus and through the practice of their roles on campus and in the community.

Campus Ministry

O’Dowd’s emphasis on spiritual development nurtures and sustains a diverse community of faith and learning for all students and families and is intertwined with advancing social and environmental justice. The Campus Ministry and the Religious Studies departments align in their goals to ensure that students benefit from a well-integrated spiritual education. The Campus Ministry Team, a core group of senior leaders, provides leadership in all liturgies and school-wide charity drives and guides Campus Ministry. Class Ministry is open to all students in each grade so that they can explore their own spirituality, discuss issues relevant to faith and participate in ministering to their peers. Read More »

Application for the Campus Ministry Team is via an Advanced Leadership Teams Joint Application each Spring.

2021-22 Captains

Dragon Ambassadors

Ambassadors are leaders and role models on campus, who introduce prospective students and parents to life at O’Dowd. As O’Dowd representatives, they share with our prospective students and families their positive, inclusive, and dynamic learning experiences at O’Dowd. Being a Dragon Ambassador is a tremendous privilege and responsibility.

For information on becoming a Dragon Ambassador, email Moire Bruin »

Eco-Leadership Team

The Eco-Leadership Team is an empowered group of Seniors who take action to bring forward an environmentally sustainable and just community at O’Dowd and beyond. Eco Leaders act as stewards of the Living Lab, lead Eco Club, organize environmentally themed campus events, and work to implement initiatives that build sustainability on campus as well as in the greater community. Students can apply to be an Eco-Leader in the second semester of their junior year.

As one of the preeminent sustainability departments at the high school level, O’Dowd provides a sustainability program that is inextricably woven throughout the campus environment and teaching curriculum. Our Center for Environmental Studies and Living Lab are just two examples of our commitment to sustainability. Read more here »

Application for the Eco-Leader Team is via an Advanced Leadership Teams Joint Application each Spring.

Health and Wellness Leaders

Health and Wellness Leaders are a group of Senior advanced leaders who support the O’Dowd community in strengthening and sustaining physical, mental, and relational health and wellness through a peer education model. Health and Wellness leaders teach their peers through presentations, discussions, workshops, public health awareness campaigns, and in the planning and execution of events. Health and Wellness Leaders gain experience in preparation for careers in medicine, psychology, sociology, public health, or other health and wellness related professions.

Application for the Health and Wellness Team is via an Advanced Leadership Teams Joint Application each Spring.

Lead Peer Tutors

The Bishop O’Dowd Lead Peer Tutor team is a carefully selected group of dedicated tutors who have shown excellent leadership and service to their peers and fellow tutors. To begin the year, Lead Peer Tutors partake in an Advanced Leaders Retreat to help prepare them for their leadership role. Throughout each semester, Lead Peer Tutors create and administer several training sessions for peer tutors to develop their skills and guide them to be effective resources for students. This dedicated and responsible group of students are an asset to the Bishop O’Dowd Academic Support Department.

Fall 2019 SIA at Club FairSolidarity In Action Team

Through solidarity with those who experience injustice, we empower O’Dowd youth to grow as a community of learners and agents of change.

We will serve the community by advocating for and working with marginalized groups in order to leave an impactful legacy that inspires future leaders.

Application for the SIA Leadership Team is via an Advanced Leadership Teams Joint Application each Spring.

Student-Athlete Leadership Team (SALT)

The Student-Athlete Leadership Team (SALT) brings together senior O’Dowd athletes, from across every sport, to take a full year-long class focused on individual student-athlete identity, discovery and development of personal leadership skills, empowerment of the student-athlete voice, engagement within the O’Dowd community and Oakland as a whole, reflection on youth sport experiences, and preparation for life beyond O’Dowd. Watch our video

Application for SALT is via an Advanced Leadership Teams Joint Application each Spring.

Please contact Associate Athletic Director, Hillary Kigar ([email protected]) for more information.