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The Living Lab is a 4-acre certified wildlife habitat and outdoor classroom committed to reconnecting students with the natural world and developing a deeper sense of Kinship with Creation. The Center for Environmental Studies (CES) is O’Dowds LEED Platinum Certified educational facility, dedicated to cultivating the next generation of environmental and sustainability leaders. Read More »

Living Lab and CES view from above

Sustainability On Campus »

O’Dowd’s campus sustainability initiatives offer concrete examples of large and small sustainability projects that have reduced our ecological footprint, saved money, and created lasting social change. Each campus sustainability initiative allows us to practice and live sustainability principles each day. Read More »

Getting Involved

Students: If you are a student interested in getting involved with the Living Lab outside of class, there are many opportunities to do so!

1. SERVICE: Check out our Living Lab Beyond the Classroom page for details on all the service opportunities available in the Living Lab, such as After School Service, Saturday Work Days, and Green Dragons Flex.
2. ECO CLUB: If you are interested in connecting with other students passionate about the environment and advocating for sustainability on campus you can join Eco Club! Join the Eco Club Schoology group to stay updated on club events and meeting times.
3. ECO LEADERS: If you want to grow your leadership skills and fight for the environment you may consider applying to the Eco Leadership Team. Eco Leaders is a Senior level Advanced Leadership Team and class that students may apply to Spring semester of their Junior year.

Parents, Alumni and Community: The Living Lab would not be possible without the support of dedicated parent, student, alumni and teacher volunteers who have generously given their time and unique skill sets to the Living Lab over the past 20 years. If you would like to be a part of our volunteer community and stay informed about upcoming opportunities, please click through to the Living Lab Volunteer Interest Form

Weeding in the Living Lzb




If you have any questions feel free to reach out to [email protected].

Creation Care Team

Sustainability efforts are led by our Creation Care Team, one of many such teams around the world helping to inspire ecological conversion in Catholic institutions.

Isabel Rodriguez-Vega, Sustainability Programs Manager
Devra Laner, Eco-Agriculturist & Programs Educator/Freshman Service Learning Co-Coordinator
Anton Brammer, Living Lab Project Manager and Science Teacher
Annie Prutzman,
Living Lab Naturalist Educator and Programs Support/Freshman Service Learning Co-Coordinator
Otis Johnson, Living Lab Lead Gardener
Patrick Cody, Ecological Gardener
Michael Downs, Director of Justice and Kinship
For all sustainability inquiries, email [email protected].

Creation Care Team

Clockwise from bottom center: Patrick Cody, Otis Johnson, Michael Downs, Anton Brammer, Isabel Rodriguez-Vega (grey sweater), Annie Prutzman, Devra Laner.