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Performance Skills for the Complete Dragon

Advanced Athletics is a series of expert-led workshops designed to empower student-athletes and coaches to leverage the values and skills gained through competition in order to overcome life’s challenges and adversities. These weekly or bi-weekly workshops focus on topics of leadership, faith, justice, identity and character - all through the lens of O’Dowd’s mission and charism.

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“Sports teach us to keep going in the face of competition and failure. We are equipping our athletic community to take the strength of their winning spirit and use it to change the world.”
- Carlos Reed, Athletic Director
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STRENGTH OF CHARACTER | Mental Performance Skills with Ariana French, O’Dowd Sports Psychology intern from John F. Kennedy University

Enhancing the overall well-being of our student-athletes and coaches by strengthening skills in communication, positive self-talk, motivation, confidence, imagery, and reflection. This collaborative workshop give student-athletes the tools to succeed in sports, school, and most importantly, life!


FAITH AS A PRACTICE | Sports 'n Spirit with O’Dowd’s Campus Ministry Team

A supportive workshop guiding student-athletes on how to develop a pre-practice or pre-game ritual or prayer, with tips for navigating the school year, from 9th graders to seniors, and holding each other accountable for workouts during the pandemic.

JOY | How to Avoid Burnout with Life and Resilience Coach Lucy Tseng


Remember that time when your gas light came on and you told yourself "I still have a few more miles" before you wound up stranded somewhere? Didn't it take you much longer, and more effort, to get where you needed to be? Instead of taking a quick break to fill up your tank?  This workshop teaches student-athletes how to recognize when their "life light" has turned on, and gives tips on how to refill the tank.

SOCIAL JUSTICE | Use Your Voice with Scott Brooks ’90, Professor at Arizona State University and Director of Research at Global Sports Institute on the ASU campus

Student-athletes, coaches, and administrators will explore the intersections of race and gender, with class, society, and sport. Through discussion, analysis, and breakouts, student athletes, coaches, and administrators will move towards establishing new norms and practices for teams, athletics and the school community.

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