Beyond the Classroom

Several courses have a “Beyond the Classroom” (BTC) requirement that students may complete in the Living Lab, or off campus. The requirement ranges from 1 – 5 hours/semester depending on the class, and some courses, such as Science and the Environment and Biology, require these hours to be completed in the Living Lab only. The opportunities available to complete BTC hours in the Living Lab are Green Dragons Flex, After School Service, and Saturday Service Days. While these offerings fulfill the BTC requirement, students are welcome to attend these service opportunities anytime, regardless of need for BTC credit. If students are not attending to fulfill the BTC requirement, they may count the time spent in the Lab towards their general service hours required for graduation.

Green Dragons

“Green Dragons” refers to the hands-on workshops offered in the Living Lab during Flex periods 1-2 days/week. During their flex period, students have the option of attending a workshop for fun or for BTC credit. Workshops are typically centered around an environmental theme that can be practiced and experienced in the Living Lab, such as Native Plant Care, Compost, Planting, Animal Care, Natural Plant Dyeing, or Fermentation (Food Processing).

After School Service

After School Service in the Living Lab is offered one day a week after school for 2 hours (from 3:00-5:00pm on regular days, 2:00-4:00pm on Early Dismissal days). These sessions are service focused, and students are directed to help care for the Living Lab by doing the physical work required to maintain our Edible and Native gardens. All students are encouraged to attend as often as they’d like, whether BTC credit is needed or not.

Saturday Service Days

One Saturday each month, from 9am-12pm, the Living Lab hosts a morning Service Session open to students, parents/guardians, alumni and community members. Saturday Service Days are special gatherings where participants get to help with smaller maintenance tasks or larger projects in the Lab. Service Days are essential to the ongoing maintenance of the Living Lab and provide a space for experiential learning as well as community connection.

Check the calendar for upcoming service days. September 11, 2021 is our first. Sign up here.