For O’Dowd Students

Sustainability-Certificate300Sustainability Certificates

The Sustainability Certificate program offers multiple avenues for students to develop real world sustainability oriented skills. There are three different certificate pathways: Sustainability Community Impact Coordinators, Living Lab ecological gardening and natural systems, and Junior Ranger. These certificates are built around a similar structure: knowledge foundation, applied action, service, and reflection. This program also aims to develop important 21st century skills such as innovative problem solving, collaboration, systems thinking, and public speaking skills.

Sustainability Corps

The S-Corps is the student action team of O’Dowd’s Sustainability Department. The S-Corps combines students from the Students for Sustainability (S4S) and Living Lab Club who collaborate on certain projects and events, and separately, each division maintains its core mission:

Team S4S is dedicated to bringing forward a sustainable existence through the following initiative focus areas: resource conservation, consumption and waste, health & well being, and thriving communities.

Team Living Lab is dedicated to growing sustainable food; caring for animals; and restoring, expanding, and caring for the Lab’s native ecosystems.


O’Dowd students (and staff) can enjoy freshly harvested Living Lab produce and eggs featured weekly in delicious cafeteria meals. Faculty and staff enjoy winning edible baskets in our weekly raffle.

For parents and alumni

Sustainability-Advisory300The Sustainability Advisory  Council

The Board and various O’Dowd Councils (Executive, Directors and Academic) advise on the vision of sustainability at O’Dowd, recommendation for long-term sustainability goals, and strategies on the means to achieving these goals. Other community members meet with the Director of Sustainability on an ad hoc basis to provide expertise and guidance on projects and initiatives.

Guest Speaker Series

Our Sustainability Guest Speaker Series introduces students to college and career pathways for meaningful environmental and sustainability fields, and furthers community education on pressing sustainability topics and issues. New speakers will be featured on at least a once per quarter basis.

Living Lab Stewardship & Volunteering

Volunteering at the Living Lab is a time of service, renewal, and community gathering. Tasks involve planting and harvesting, weeding and pruning, pond and trail maintenance, and minor construction projects. There are multiple avenues for parents and alumni (alongside students, faculty and staff) to volunteer at the Living Lab, including Saturday Work Days and Wednesday Weeding.


For the community

lesson700x400Lessons in the Lab

Designed for educators looking to provide their students with a local outdoor education experience, our Living Lab Garden educators are able to offer a customized experience to K-12 students, with lessons that connect directly to STEAM subjects, humanities courses, and religion classes. Transportation from O’Dowd’s bus fleet can also be arranged.

Beyond O’Dowd Gardens

O’Dowd’s robust service learning program is now prepared to partner with K-8 schools looking to start or strengthen a garden program on their school campus. O’Dowd 10-12th graders will be trained and support by Living Lab Garden Educators to serve as mentors, teachers, and coordinators for K-8 school garden programs.


Summer Academy

O’Dowd offers sustainability coursework including intensive time in the Living Lab gardens and hands-on design and business experience.

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