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Technology Overview

Teachers and students at Bishop O’Dowd High School, use technology as an innovative tool to inspire and build 21st century skills. As a result, the Bishop O’Dowd community embraces the integration of technology into the curriculum as a fundamental strategy for effectively preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of their unique generation.

Getting Technology Assistance

The Technology Support Center is located in room 209 in the main classroom building. It is staffed by Brian Payawal and student helpers.

Students and parents can get help with Schoology and PowerSchool by visiting the Technology Training Center in room 124. You can also contact Gavin Maeda by email or phone.


At Bishop O’Dowd High School, technology is a tool to aid teachers and students in their work and learning. As a result, technology is infused into the curriculum and the life of the Bishop O’Dowd community. Teachers use technology to teach, manage their grades, and communicate both internally and externally. Students use technology as a tool of research, composition, creation, presentation, management, and communication. The technology department strives to provide technology that resides in the background of the classroom appearing invisible and working seamlessly for faculty, students, and staff.

Technology Staff and Responsibilities


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Ext. 137
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Chief Information Officer
Location: Room 209


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Ext. 276
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Instructional Technologist

  • Password retrieval
  • iFolder
  • eBooks
  • Technology training
  • Schoology issues
  • PowerSchool issues

Brian '92

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Ext. 153
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Technical Support Center Manager
Location: Room 209

  • Student laptop problems
  • Printing issues
  • Software issues
  • Internet/Login issues


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Director of Infrastructure

  • Network system issues
  • iFolder
  • Email issues


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Director of Information Services

  • PowerSchool database
  • Naviance/Family connection


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  • Library technology support
  • Library databases


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Web Producer/Videographer

  • Website design and maintenance
  • Videographer
  • Marketing

The Bishop O’Dowd One to One Laptop Program

The One-to-One Laptop Program supports Bishop O'Dowd High School's mission of preparing students to thrive in the 21st century. We seek to make learning more accessible and relevant, to ignite our students' natural desire to learn and to prepare them for college and a rapidly changing world where the information landscape is networked, digital, and overwhelmingly abundant.

This research-based program teaches the proper use of a laptop or tablet device and our software keeps students organized, facilitates access to the world’s information base, and teaches higher-order thinking and research skills. Laptops help engage students of differing interests and learning styles.

Student benefits from the 1:1 laptop program:

  • Provides a critical tool to keep students organized
  • Encourages self-directed, collaborative, and online learning
  • Motivates students to connect to research and unlimited educational resources
  • Provides an essential tool to help students thrive in a new age of digital literacy where writing and reading requires them to express ideas compellingly, navigate and process complex information and find the truth, and arithmetic demands students employ and manipulate vast amounts of data in a meaningful way.
  • Enhances creativity with a rich set of audio, visual and multimedia tools

Parent benefits from the 1:1 laptop program

  • Flexibility to purchase a laptop from Bishop O'Dowd with extended warranties that provide on-campus hardware and software technical support and repair.
  • Purchase or bring a school approved Windows or MacBook laptop and pay a yearly technology/ebook fee. This option requires parents to purchase an extended warranty, which provides off-campus technical support at the responsibility of the student/families.

Bishop O'Dowd's 1:1 laptop program allows students and their families to choose the best computing device that creates and sustains an authentic educational experience to effectively and ethically cope with this new information landscape. It prepares students to take their place in the economies of the 21st century.


At Bishop O’Dowd High School, we believe that students and adults cannot achieve excellence in learning without the skilled use of a variety of technologies. Thus, the school

  • Provides the training and infrastructure that support state-of –the-art technology for learning and communications.
  • Supports all adults in the use school supplied hardware and software to enhance student and adult learning and communication.
  • Supports each student in the use of their own and the school’s hardware and software to enhance learning and communication.
  • Promotes and measures graduation outcomes that thoroughly prepare students for our current world.

As a result, technology is infused into the curriculum and the life of the Bishop O’Dowd community. Teachers use technology to help students learn, teach, manage grades, and communicate with students and parents. Students use technology for research, composition, creation, presentation, management, and communication. The technology department strives to provide technology that resides in the background of the classroom appearing invisible and working seamlessly for faculty, students.

1:1 Laptop Program FAQ


For new students, what are the options for obtaining a laptop?

New students have two options for participating in the 1:1 Laptop Program.

All students must bring a laptop to classes at O'Dowd. We offer two options for you to choose from:

    1. Bring Your Own Laptop:
    • Payment to Bishop O'Dowd HS: $0
    • Your laptop must meet the following minimum system requirements:
      • Windows laptop: Microsoft Windows 7 (service pack 1) or higher
      • Mac laptop: Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher
      • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or equivalent office suite (OpenOffice, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, etc.)
      • It is highly recommended that families acquire an extended warranty that includes accidental damage protection (i.e., GeekSquad, HP CarePack Services, etc.), which covers against drops, breaks, and spills (the most common damage). Also note that AppleCare does NOT include accidental damage protection.
    2. O'Dowd Laptop: Toshiba Portege Z35-AST3N03 Ultrabook
    • Payment to Bishop O'Dowd HS: $1,188 (Laptop purchase payment instructions will be mailed to you in April)
    • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Operating System and Microsoft Office Suite
    • 128 GB Solid State Hard Drive (mSerial ATA, SSD)
    • 8 GB Memory
    • Mobile Intel HD Graphics
    • 13.3" widescreen HD LED backlit display
    • 3 years of Toshiba SystemGuard warranty and service which includes accidental damage protection

For both options, we require that families purchase electronic device insurance coverage.

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If I am a returning student, can I exchange my current O'Dowd Laptop for a new one, or for a new laptop?

Toshiba laptops and Tablet PCs purchased by students (class of 2014 to 2016) are covered under a four year warranty. They can use them until they graduate or they can opt to purchase a new laptop.

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I am a returning student and I want to purchase the new O'Dowd laptop. How much will it cost?

The price of the O'Dowd laptop for returning students is $1,188 with a 3-year extended warranty.

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If I am a returning student, can I bring my own laptop?

Returning students can bring in another computer that meets the minimum system requirements of our BYOL program.

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What happened to the Pen-Enabled Tablet PCs?

In response to market trends and client feedback, our Tablet PC vendor, Toshiba, has decided to "phase out" their M-780 Tablet PC. While moving forward in our plan to offer families a choice between the O'Dowd laptop option and a BYOL option, Bishop O'Dowd's Technology Department will continue to offer on-site hardware and software support for students who have a Toshiba Pen-Enabled Tablet PC.

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What are your plans for tablet/slate support and use in the classroom?

Bishop O'Dowd will continue to be at the forefront of educational technology use. We are developing a faculty-driven cohort to study, test, and explore the educational potential and use of tablet/slate computing devices, such as the Apple iPad and Windows 8 tablets. Any future classroom use of these devices must come from a sound pedagogical, research-backed, informed decision, and not merely as a passing fad. In the meantime, Bishop O'Dowd is making improvements to its network architecture and support framework to accommodate future use of mobile devices for learning.

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How do I connect my student's laptop to my home network?

Due to the numerous possible configurations, it is advisable to contact your service provider for assistance.

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How do I connect my student's laptop to a home printer?

Most printers come with a software CD with the required drivers and instructions for installation. If the CD is not available, most manufacturers' web sites will have the latest software available for download. Follow the manufacturers' instructions for installation and configuration.

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Can I install home software or hardware applications on my student's laptop?

Yes. You may install other programs on the laptop as long as they do not interfere with the computer for school work. If a problem occurs because of a third party installation of software or hardware not included in the original image (when you first received your laptop), O'Dowd is not liable for loss or corruption of data. In cases when harmful or illegal software is downloaded or installed, O'Dowd will charge a re-image fee of $25.

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What warranty comes with the laptops?

Laptops purchased through the school come with a three year which includes Accidental Damage Protection. This protection covers non-intentional liquid spills in or on the unity, drops, falls, collisions, and electrical surges as well as damaged or broken LCD displays. It does not cover theft, loss, normal wear, consumables and intentional acts of damage.

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What is not covered under the warranty?

The warranty does not cover theft, loss, normal wear, consumables and intentional acts of damage.

The warranty covers Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH). It does not include protection against normal wear and tear, theft, mysterious disappearance, misplacement, viruses, reckless, abusive, willful or intentional conduct associated with handling and use, cosmetic damage and/or other damage that does not affect the functionality of the device.

Defective power adapters and batteries are covered under the warranty. If the power adapter and/or battery has been lost, stolen, or has physical damage, it will not be covered.

If damage to the laptop is recurring, and is discovered to be due to intentional, reckless handling, the parent will be notified and the warranty may become voided. If this happens, parents will be responsible for the cost of repairs.

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What can the Tech Support Center fix?

If you choose the O'Dowd Laptop Option, most hardware malfunctions are fixable on-site. The Tech Support Center stocks many of the parts needed to repair the laptops. Occasionally, a part must be ordered. In this case the student may receive an available loaner laptop to use while the repair is being made.

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Do you provide loss/theft insurance?

Bishop O'Dowd does not provide loss or theft insurance for student laptops. It is required, however, that electronic device insurance for student laptops be purchased or covered under a homeowner policy.

Worth Ave Group/Student Insurance Partners has provided Bishop O'Dowd families an exclusive discount on electronic device insurance, which protects the laptop against accidental damage, theft, vandalism, and will provide replacement cost coverage. Visit for form information.

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What do we do if the laptop is lost or stolen?

If your laptop is lost or stolen on campus, you should check with the Technology Support Center immediately to see if anyone has turned it in. You may also be asked to check with the deans and security. If you believe your computer has been permanently lost or stolen, you should file a police report and contact your insurance provider.

If you purchased a Toshiba M780 laptop from Bishop O'Dowd (classes of 2013-2014 only), laptops that are lost or stolen must be immediately reported to the Technology Department. Parents must file a police report and bring a copy to the Technology Support Center (room 209) so that a claim can be filed with the insurance company and the recovery process can begin.

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What if I have a problem with my laptop, operating system, or Bishop O'Dowd course-specific software during the school year?

Bishop O'Dowd is one of the few schools in the bay area that offers a fully-staffed technology support center.

If you chose the O'Dowd Laptop Option, repairs are made on-campus by Apple, HP, and Toshiba certified employees and trained student helpers. The Technology Support Center is located in room 209.

If you chose the Bring Your Own Laptop Option, you are responsible for the repair of your laptop. This typically requires you to locate an authorized repair location (such as an Apple Store's Genius Bar or Best Buy's Geek Squad) and take the laptop to that location for repair.

Loaner laptops are available for students free of charge when repairs are required. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that their academic work is not disrupted during the repair of their laptops. Please note that teachers are not expected to adjust their lessons or assignments to accommodate for the repair of the student's laptop computer.

Troubleshooting and technology assistance is also provided in the Technology Training Center in room 124.

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What if school is not in session?

The Technology Support Center (room 209) and the Technology Training Center (room 124) is staffed during normal school days, from 8:00am-3:30pm. During the summer, support hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am-12:00pm.

Support is also available by sending an email to

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Is training for the laptops provided?

Technology training and support is accomplished through an extensive new student orientation, online self-help videos, and skill steps available 24/7 in Schoology. Support and training is also available at the Technology Training Center in room 124.

New Students will go through a Tech Check before they start at Bishop O'Dowd, to make sure that their computer meets our minimum system requirements and they have access to O'Dowd system software and accounts.

Technology support and training outside the scope of O'Dowd course specific software, eBooks and Internet-based services will not be provided.

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What are the student's responsibilities with the laptop?

Students are expected to read and abide by the Bishop O'Dowd High School Technology Policies. This covers acceptable use with respect to all technology resources, including laptop computers, cell phones, and video and audio equipment. The Technology Policies also specifies expectations and acceptable use related to copyright, security, privacy, vandalism/hacking, and use of multi-media devices.

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What are my responsibilities as a parent with the laptop?

Parents are also expected to read and abide by the Bishop O'Dowd High School Technology Policies. In addition, parents are expected to partner with the Technology Department to ensure that proper safety and use of the laptops is carried out by the student. Parents are encouraged to contact the Technology Department with any questions and issues related to their student's laptop for use at home or school.

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How are the students going to carry the laptops around campus?

Laptops must be carried in a carrying case at all times. We recommend putting the laptops in a soft or sturdy sleeve or a hard case before putting it in their backpacks. Some backpacks contain separate padded sleeves for laptops. A sturdy case can offer protection from being placed in lockers or being jostled while traveling from class to class.

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Will there be space available for students to store the laptops during/after school?

When not being carried by the student, laptops must be locked in his or her locker inside the classroom building only. The gym lockers (outside the classroom buildings) are not secure and laptops should never be brought in there or left unattended at any time.

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What if my student participates in after school sports?

Students should lock their laptops in their lockers in the classroom building only. If they are attending an after school event, including an away game, the laptop needs to be secured in the classroom building locker before boarding the bus or going to practice. Campus security will let students back into the classroom building when they return from the game if needed. Never bring the laptop on the bus, leave it in the gym, in the locker rooms, on the fields, or in a car in view or in a backpack. It will get stolen.

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Will this laptop last all four years?

The average life of a well-maintained laptop is three to four years. Regular care will help your laptop last longer. An important part of owning a laptop is regular updating and maintenance, and with care and upkeep, laptops should last students all four years at Bishop O'Dowd.

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Faculty & Technology

Bishop O’Dowd teachers incorporate technology into their class design and instruction, in consultation with the Technology Team and the school administration. Teachers are committed to continually update their technology skills by attending professional development opportunities and working one on one with the Technology Team. Teachers are encouraged and supported to incorporate innovate software as appropriate to their courses.

Examples of Classroom Use

The 1:1 laptop program revolutionizes the way teachers and students interact. Schoology is a learning management system (LMS) that all teachers and students use to communicate in and out of class. Teachers will post homework, labs, videos, presentations, and other class resources. Students and teachers can interact through blogs, discussion boards, and live sessions. Students also utilize many course specific programs including, LoggerPro, Geogebra, Membean, MathType, and the Microsoft Office Suite. In addition, students have access to the digital content of the Library and other research tools. All students receive training on the use of these programs and services during freshman orientation or during the course of the year when classes are in session.

PowerSchool is the online grading report system all teachers use. Parents have access to their student's assignments and grades, allowing parents to collaborate with teachers. Parents and students have complete access to view up-to-the-minute grades. Parents and students see the current grade as well as a breakdown of the grade by assignment. We believe this transparency allows us to help students take responsibility for their academic performance performance as well as allowing a true partnership between teacher and parent.

Naviance - Family Connection is a service that allows parent and students to partner with the counseling department in career and college planning. Starting in the freshman year, students begin to formulate their interests for life-long planning and learning.

Tech Support & Updates

For tech support and technology updates, visit our Technology Support Center helpdesk.

Submit Tech Support requests, view current issues, knowledge base articles to get technology help you need.

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