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Student – Athletes Learn How to Preserve Time

Time. It’s the most valued commodity for a student-athlete.

And what’s the major threat to that commodity? Smart phones.

O’Dowd student-athletes got some tips on how to manage their use of smart phones at a special presentation held in the theater on Oct. 11. The event was part of an ongoing Student-Athlete Speaker series organized by Academic Support Coordinator Jase Turner and men’s varsity basketball coach Lou Richie ’89.

Read more about this great talk that should revolutionize how you work »

David Pogue: 10 top time-saving tech tips

Tech columnist David Pogue shares 10 simple, clever tips for computer, web, smartphone and camera users. And yes, you may know a few of these already — but there’s probably at least one you don’t.

Technology Overview

Teachers and students at Bishop O’Dowd High School, use technology as an innovative tool to inspire and build 21st century skills. As a result, the Bishop O’Dowd community embraces the integration of technology into the curriculum as a fundamental strategy for effectively preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of their unique generation.

Getting Technology Assistance

The Technology Support Center is located in room 209 in the main classroom building. It is staffed by Brian Payawal and student helpers.

Students and parents can get help with Schoology and PowerSchool by visiting the Technology Training Center in room 124. You can also contact Gavin Maeda by email or phone.


At Bishop O’Dowd High School, technology is a tool to aid teachers and students in their work and learning. As a result, technology is infused into the curriculum and the life of the Bishop O’Dowd community. Teachers use technology to teach, manage their grades, and communicate both internally and externally. Students use technology as a tool of research, composition, creation, presentation, management, and communication. The technology department strives to provide technology that resides in the background of the classroom appearing invisible and working seamlessly for faculty, students, and staff.

Technology Staff and Responsibilities


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Ext. 137
Email me

Chief Information Officer
Location: Room 209


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Ext. 276
Email me

Instructional Technologist

  • Password retrieval
  • iFolder
  • eBooks
  • Technology training
  • Schoology issues
  • PowerSchool issues

Brian '92

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Ext. 153
Email me

Technical Support Center Manager
Location: Room 209

  • Student laptop problems
  • Printing issues
  • Software issues
  • Internet/Login issues


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Ext. 101
Email me

Director of Infrastructure

  • Network system issues
  • iFolder
  • Email issues


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Ext. 280
Email me

Director of Information Services

  • PowerSchool database
  • Naviance/Family connection


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Ext. 187
Email me


  • Library technology support
  • Library databases


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Ext. 134
Email me

Web Producer/Videographer

  • Website design and maintenance
  • Videographer
  • Marketing

Tech Support & Updates

For tech support and technology updates, visit our Technology Support Center helpdesk.

Submit Tech Support requests, view current issues, knowledge base articles to get technology help you need.

O'Dowd Position on iPads


Are iPads powerful enough to replace laptops? The bottom line is no. It is an ideal "companion device", but is not a replacement. Read more...

Mobile App


The school calendar, athletics, news updates and staff directory are all part of the O'Dowd app. Get it for iPhone »
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Facebook Safety


iKeepSafe and ConnectSafely offer “A Parents’ Guide to Facebook”. This is a great resource for parents and students.

Read the guide »

The Khan Academy


Showcased at TED 2011, Khan Academy offers a phenomenal array of online educational videos and online training to help you support your students. Also see Khan Academy on YouTube.

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