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Freshman Marigold Seedlings Timelapse

This is a timelapse 5 week old seedlings planted in O’Dowd’s propagation center. The time period for this timelapse is approximately 1 week. The plant movement is phototrophism. Photo is light and tropos is movement, so this is movement in response to the changing position of the sun.

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Sun Mosaic and Sun Dial Installed in Amphitheater

The finishing touches have been placed in the recently completed amphitheater – a colorful sun mosaic and sun dial recognizing the Class of 2015 for raising the funds that allowed for the construction of the outdoor learning space.

Located in the Living Lab, adjacent to the Center for Environmental Studies, the amphitheater seats 50-60 people, and boasts expansive views of the San Francisco Bay. Since its completion, the new area has been used heavily for classroom and student life activities.

Class of 2015 members rallied to raise more than $58,000, as part of their Senior Class Gift campaign, to establish a permanent legacy at O’Dowd. Over 60 percent of their families participated in the effort.

Others who made the dream become a reality included: landscape architects Paul and Karen McArdle, past O’Dowd parents and regular Living Lab volunteers; contractor and current O’Dowd parent Fred Bunkers; Tyler Hentges ’15, who worked on the project construction team; Meredith Nix ’15, who crafted the sundial in Chris Roscoe’s summer ceramics class; and Laura Holl, the local artist who designed the sun mosaic.

Actor Profile-Julian Nesbitt

What is your BOD theater background?

Sugar-Ensemble, Little Shop of Horrors-Customer, Rent-Ohlone Theater Festival-Tom Collins, Hairspray-Seaweed J. Stubbs

What is your role in Godspell?

“I’m in the ensemble where students play more than one part. At the same time we’re playing essentially ourselves. A few cast members have solos. My solo is called On The Willows, which I sing right before the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.” Read more…

Molly Zeme ’16 Heads to Guatemala on Medical Mission

Molly Zeme ’16 is among members of a medical team traveling to Guatemala Nov. 2-15 that will perform vital operations for those who don’t have access to modern surgical care.

Led by Michael J. McGlynn Jr. ’70, MD, the team, comprised of nearly 60 doctors, nurses, technicians and others, will provide general surgery, gynecology, ophthalmology and plastic surgery services at Hospital de la Familia. Everyone on the team is volunteering their services, and all of the medicines and surgical equipment is being donated for this project.

“People will travel miles to the hospital to get basic medical care. I want to be able to help as many people as possible get the care they need,” Zeme said.

McGlynn has led a team to Guatemala every other year for the past 32 years, and the volunteers see approximately 1,500 patients in clinic and perform over 200 surgeries during their stay.

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O’Dowd Group Leads Prison Prayer Vigil

Members of the O’Dowd community gathered at the West County Detention Facility in Richmond on Oct. 3 to lead a prayer vigil.

The O’Dowd group joined East Bay Coalition for Immigrant Rights, which organizes monthly Interfaith Vigils to support immigrant detainees at the facility. Between 150-300 people are being held for deportation due to being charged with a civil immigration offense. Detainees include asylum seekers, green card holders and long term residents. Read more…

Protecting Our Most Precious Resource, Water

Bishop O’Dowd’s Sustainability Guest Speaker Series kicked off with a powerful look at what it takes to protect our most precious resource, Water. Sustainability Corps’ (S-Corps) S4S (Students for Sustainability) group, took part in the Value of Water Coalition’s national public awareness campaign, Imagine a Day Without Water, by featuring a nationally known expert, consultant, and leader in the municipal wastewater sector, O’Dowd parent Michele Pla.

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O’Dowd Cheer for Breast Cancer Awareness

Sean Lee Gives Back

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