Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Retreats offer students a chance to form new friendships, reflect on their lives, and reflect on their relationship with God. These single day, overnight, and multi-day retreats are spread throughout the year , one retreat model for each grade-level, with the Junior Kairos as the core retreat experience for students. Financial aid is available to help cover the cost.

The retreats are primarily led by senior students, except the Senior Retreat which is led by adults. Applications are required to lead the Kairos Retreat, typically available in early May. Contact the Retreat Coordinator, Mr. Michael Downs and follow link below.

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Peer Ministry

Our peer ministry teams are fellowship and faith sharing groups within campus ministry. Students build community and minister to one another in fun and friendly meetings, typically held during MP (Meeting Period). They can also develop leadership skills by planning and leading their annual class liturgy.

Organized by grade level, Peer Ministry is open to all students in each grade. Grounded in the mission and philosophy of O’Dowd, the individual class ministry teams seek to be inclusive groups where student can explore their own spirituality, discuss issues relevant to faith and participate in ministering to their peers. There is no expectation of affiliation with any faith to participate, just come with an open heart.

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Campus Ministry Team

Senior Campus Ministry Team, or CMT, is an year-long, hands-on training in ministry and leadership. Students involved meet during a class period to plan the school-wide liturgies, execute the various charity drives on campus and develop their leadership skills. They also assist in the leadership of Frosh and Sophomore Retreats, participate in some faith formation discussions, and help to evaluate all Campus Ministry programs.

CMT partners with other campus leadership groups who meet the same period: ASB, Eco Leaders and Solidarity in Action. Seniors must apply and be accepted into this leadership group – applications are typically available in mid-January.

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For more information, contact Ms. Mary Mallahan Hicken via email or at (510) 577-9100 ext. 165.

Charity Drives

At O’Dowd, we strive to educate leaders of competence, conscience and compassion. One way we show our ongoing compassion is through our annual Charity Drives.

Dollar Days happen as needs arise. Typically collections happen in homeroom and are for local or sometimes other world needs. They are designed for students to give a dollar, or whatever is in their pocket.
The Fall Food and Toy Drive serves students at St. Vincent Day Home in West Oakland and their families during Christmas time. Each homeroom sponsors one whole family, donating a gift for each family member and 2 boxes of food.
The Spring Mission Drive helps us remember O’Dowd is a part of the global community. We support one organization with an international focus, raising funds and educating ourselves about the people served and the social issues the recipient organization addresses.

For more information, contact Ms. Mary Mallahan Hicken via email or at (510) 577-9100 ext. 165.

Daily Prayer

At O’Dowd, we start each day – at 8:30 a.m. – with a prayer by students or faculty read over our announcement system. The whole campus stops moving for this time of reflection. The offering of a prayer supports the practice of the Catholic faith by acknowledging that we are in the presence of God while also establishing a healthy daily meditative moment of reflection and intention-setting for students and faculty of all faiths. We try to post the prayers daily for all to reflect on later if desired.