March 12, 2012

‘Kony 2012’ video inspires students to take action

A video that’s gone viral, called “Kony 2012” has received more than 40 million hits on YouTube. It targets a Ugandan guerilla leader, Joseph Kony, who is wanted for atrocities by the international criminal court. The video is driving many young people to take action, including several Bishop O’Dowd students who are featured in this ABC Channel 7 story.

Invisible Children Information

Kevin Cushing

Below are links to some of the criticism about Invisible Children’s video and the organizations response. I also have a great deal of documentation on the organization and on the LRA. I think it’s important to understand that before we have any kind of discussion we become more educated and informed. We don’t want to necessarily support the KONY2012 plan, but we do want to educate more people about what has happened to children who have been forced into the LRA and possible steps to create awareness.

Invisible Children-Joseph Kony video

Anti Invisible Children

Answer to this Anti IC link

Blog and Official Response to Criticism

Amnesty International Stance

Here are some ideas about creating an event to educate the school about this topic:
1. Create and post fliers about an upcoming MP presentation in the theater about the LRA and the horrific, inhumane things have been done by Joseph Kony to young children in Uganda and central Africa, both historically and currently.
2. Information on Invisible Children and the plan they have developed to create awareness of this situation.
3. A discussion of the criticism that some have leveled at Invisible Children’s plan, how the organization used the video and social media, and the public’s response to it.
4. A discussion of the plan that Invisible Children is advocating.
5. How should we, as concerned human beings, view all of this and what should we do moving forward?

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