October 20, 2014

Unity Day Spirit Rally Photos for Download

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Senior Lip Sync at Unity Rally

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Whip Cream Bubble Gum Blowing Contest

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No Hands Donut Eating Contest – Unity Rally

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Spirit Week Photos are up – Unity Day Morning

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Pope Francis Receives Support for Environmental Encyclical

In January 2014, Pope Francis announced that his next encyclical will address Creation, respect for the environment, and human ecology, with an expected release date is early 2015. He has reportedly spent months drafting his new encyclical, and has called on many (including the Franciscans for Ecology), for support and guidance. Throughout Spring, Summer, and Fall he has also received international support from a number of Bishops and Dioceses. Here are some recent highlights:

1) U.S. Catholic Bishops: The U.S. Catholic Bishops Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, led by Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski, released an analysis of the EPA’s Carbon Pollution Standards Draft in July 2014. The bishops evaluated the proposed EPA air pollution plan on the basis of whether it evidenced respect for human life and dignity, acted prudently on behalf of the public good, gave priority to the poor and vulnerable (already excessively harmed by climate change), served social and economic justice, sought to care for God’s creation and aimed to encourage popular participation. The committee found that the EPA plan largely satisfied the Conference’s ethical criteria, and their concerns lay mostly in ensuring that Congress ensures additional necessary actions.

2) Bishops of the Philippines: The Bishops of the Philippines released a statement signed by their president, Archbishop Socrates Villegas of Lingayen Dagupan, regarding climate change and care for the environment. In it the Archbishop asks Filipino Catholics if they are doing their part to protect God’s creation, and reflects that the task of addressing global warming, “begins with a deep gratitude for the created gifts God has given us, and a renewed commitment to the sacred trust of caring for these gifts. We are called to respond with care and creativity as individuals and communities, as nations and as one human family.” Read more here…

3) Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB):
The KCCB has joined the the Kenya Interfaith Network on Environmental Action (KINEA) to help the country address the consequences of climate change. The network shall engage in programs related to climate change and livelihood enhancement including; promotion of tree growing in faith owned/managed institutions and land, faith based education for sustainable development, faith based sustainable agriculture and faith based wildlife conservational programs through advocacy, awareness and practice. Read more here…

4) Bishop William Crean of Ireland: in the Diocese of Cloyne, Bishop Crean ( Chair of Trócaire, Ireland’s Catholic development agency), recently called climate change a human crisis that requires urgent attention.He reminded the faith that one of the central tenets of Christianity is the notion of stewardship of God’s Earth and passing it to the next generation in good health. Additionally he added, “While climate change is a technical, scientific and economic issue, it is also a moral one. The choices we make can undermine the wellbeing of millions of people and condemn future generations to live in an inhospitable world.” Read more here…

5) Southern CA’s Diocese of Orange: Bishop Kevin Vann in the Diocese of Orange addressed California’s persistently devastating drought, pointing out that adverse climate and environmental degradation always hurt the poor and vulnerable most. He also recognized the Catholic Climate Covenant for their leadership in providing resources and actions that one can take, locally, nationally and globally, to care for God’s creation. Read more here…

6) Support from Ohio:
Ohio Catholic Rural Life Conference members, Pat O’Bryan of the Social Action Office, Diocese of Cleveland, and Fr. Ed Brienz of the Diocese of Youngstown, have created the “Care for Creation Calendar: A Catholic Calendar Honoring the Patron Saints of God’s Creation,” which includes important public days on behalf of the environment. Check out their calendar here…


Bishop O’Dowd also stands proudly with these supporters as leaders in the Education for Sustainability (EfS) movement. Working each day to strengthen our efforts in creating an environmentally sustainable, socially, just, and economically viable world.

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October 17, 2014

Water Polo Team Honored at Lunch

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October 16, 2014

Win 2 Tickets to Any Game

These creatures were found in 3 drops of Living Lab pond water.

First person to name 4 of the microfauna(animals) presented in these video will win 2 tickets to any game, including Homecoming.

Answers must be provided in email to drittenbach@bishopodowd.org. The first O’Dowd student to correctly identify 4 of the animals shown in the two pictures(not videos, those are there to clarify) will win. Yes the LeBoa Boys can enter, so that means you better move fast if you are going to beat them.

Don’t forget to go full screen on the video for the best view.

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Will McAneny ’11 speaks for Greenpop Annual Reforest Festival

Now in its fourth year, Greenpop’s annual Reforest Fest will be held once more over two weekends in May. Greenpop’s reforestation efforts have led to the planting of over 8000 trees, and you can get involved to help save our planet.

And no his accent isn’t real, but he does a great job of blending.

Sarah Bremer on KQED Blog

My students carry GPS-enabled devices in their back pockets (smart phones) and view paper maps as artifacts from a distant past. PBS LearningMedia makes it easy for me to engage these “digital natives.” A quick search turns up high quality, targeted materials that I can easily incorporate into a lesson or homework assignment for my AP Human Geography class.

The first time I used PBS LearningMedia, I simply provided my students with several links and instructed them to explore. Soon, everyone in the room was watching or engaging with one of the tools. Five minutes later, I tore them away from their screens and asked them to discuss what they had learned with their table groups. The room buzzed with voices chatting about the uses and history of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The entire activity took about ten minutes, and the students clearly both learned from and enjoyed the exercise.

Too often, sites with materials for teachers provide multiday lesson plans on relatively narrow topics or require paid subscriptions. PBS LearningMedia provides me with exactly what I need: short, free, and easily accessed materials that I can use to design and enhance my own curricula.

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