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Finding God in all things calls us to community in diversity, strength of character, kinship with creation, social justice,
and joy.

Looking Ahead to the Senior Awards Ceremony–Tuesday, May 7, 7:00 p.m.

First of all, the Senior Award Ceremony is not “invitation only.” Every senior and his/her parents are welcome to attend. Seniors who are receiving high school awards of which they are unaware will receive an invitation to attend.

Just a reminder that you can begin turning in copies of college scholarships and awards for the Senior Award Ceremony on the evening of Tuesday, May 7, at 7:00 p.m. These awards are also published in the graduation program. Awards and scholarships can be academic or athletic. We also publish monetary awards from legitimate outside organizations.

Please send them along as they come in. They do not need to be all turned in at the same time. Send copies of the scholarships and awards to or mail to:
Attn: Candy Promes
Bishop O’Dowd High School
9500 Stearns Ave
Oakland, CA 94605

You can also fax awards to (510) 638-3259, but please email to confirm that they were received.

Fall ’13 and Life California Scholarship Federation Members Posted

Active and inactive membership lists for Fall ’13 are now posted below.
The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) exists to promote and recognize high standards of scholarship, service and citizenship on the part of students in California schools. Membership is based on scholarship and citizenship only. Applications for membership are accepted the first ten days of every semester. For more details about CSF, visit “California Scholarship Federation” on the “Academics” tab.

Also posted is a list of the seniors who qualified for life membership after applying in January. Life membership is granted after attaining 4 semesters of membership, one of which must be in the senior year. Seniors in need of one more semester or a senior semester to qualify for Life Membership can fulfill this by seeing Mrs. Promes at the beginning of April for a form to bring to teachers for estimated grades.

Fall 2013 Inactive
Fall 2013 Active
Life Membership 2014

Not Receiving Important Emails?

Last semester, Bishop O’Dowd High School began using a system called PowerAnnouncement to broadcast important academic e-mail announcements. A few of you recently reported not receiving these e-mails. PowerAnnouncement has informed us that some Internet service providers, including Comcast, Verizon, and Yahoo, are erroneously flagging our e-mail announcements as spam. They are working to resolve the issue, but in the meantime you can ensure that you receive all of O’Dowd’s e-mail announcements by whitelisting the following addresses:

Whitelisting tells your e- system to allow e-mails from designated addresses into your inbox. For more instructions on how to whitelist, go here: Whitelisting Instructions

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Gene Yang at

California Scholarship Forms and Information

CSF application forms will be due January 24, 2014.

CSF Membership Info
CSF Application
Hours Log and Guidelines
Final Semester Membership

National Honor Society Forms and Information

Students with junior or senior standing are eligible for appointment to the National Honor Society. National Honor Society information and activity forms are below and are accepted the first ten days of each semester. The deadline for this spring is January 16, 2014.

NHS History and Qualif
Student Selection Materials Packet