Debate Team

Award winning, leadership skill building, nationwide traveling – that describes the debate program at O’Dowd (Public Forum, Parliamentary, Lincoln-Douglas, and Policy). Every student is welcome to learn how to compete in the exciting world of debate. Be part of the team that goes to the top tournaments in the country to compete at the highest levels. O’Dowd Debate is one of the most respected and decorated programs at Bishop O’Dowd High School. The team is home to one of the nation’s best parliamentary debate squads and has won 14 titles including Yale, Stanford, and State.

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Mock Trial

Mock Trial is one of the most prestigious academic activities in the nation. It teaches students critical thinking skills, effective public speaking, the ability to think on one’s feet and self-confidence – all useful tools no matter what occupation a student will pursue. More than 400 colleges and universities and over 100 law schools field 600 teams nationwide. College admissions departments give weight to mock trial participation because students are required to work for months on a single case, demonstrating commitment and perseverance, both important qualities in academic success.

For more information on mock trial, email Bonnie Sussman.